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July 29, 2008


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Okay, before you start wondering why on Earth I'm checking the website for a class that ended two months ago, let me assure you that I only came to see if anyone besides me had been working on their ePortfolios over the summer. But now that I'm here, I might as well leave a comment, right?

The music (which is gorgeous) and pictures (which are also gorgeous) fit together very well, and for a first effort, it's quite impressive. However, I do have some very picky comments... (Prepare for nitpicking!)

Coming from someone with a fairly short attention span when it comes to music videos, more might be less here. After about three minutes, I started getting antsy. Part of the reason for that might be the lack of interesting editing (but it probably didn't help that the bar says the video is 8:16 long). For example, you use all these scene change effects, but you could do so much more! (Prepare for my inner video editing geek to attack...) I would suggest printing out your pictures and just laying them on a floor, table, or other convenient, flat surface. Look for images that look the same (you have a couple of shots which, besides the time of day, are very, very similar), and group those together. Then you can do all sorts of interesting things with a morph function or by fading from one to the other, magically jumping through time! You could also try a panorama shot, if you have enough pictures taken from the correct angles... Or, if you're less technologically inclined, you could at least mix up the different picture change doohickeys (since you use the go-from-one-corner-to-the-other at least three times in a row).

Wow, I left a long comment. Um...sorry? >< I did enjoy it, despite my long comment... I'll just be going now...

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