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Judy Chen

[10 points] Hey Scott, this is what I have so far as my actual introduction in my ePortfolio. Please let me know if it's okay and I'll send you my actual site to look through. Thanks!

Open the doors to a world of no restrictions

The passion for art and poetry. My name is Judy Chen and I have a passion for art and poetry. I would say that it was always a side hobby that I did during my free time. Just as a brief note, this is my second year as a student at Foothill College, and I am planning on transferring to UC Berkeley. Neither art or poetry is my major, but I feel that it has always been something that really helps define ME. If I would describe myself in three words, I would say I am high-spirited, imaginative, and a perfectionist. Everything I put my mind to has to be done perfectly, or at least perfect in my eyes. That is why in many of my drawings, you are able to see the details on the image. I love it when people that view my work get the same effect as me, out of the pictures. I feel as if art and poetry helped me discover who I am as an individual. They draw out this unique and creative side in me I never thought I had. Personally, I love how these two subjects have opened my eyes to something beyond my knowledge. That is why I wanted to share this interest to you, and focus on art and poetry as my ePortfolio. Despite their differences, they have more in common than one could imagine. Ironically, the way art and poetry can merge together so flawlessly, creates something so beautiful and eccentric. Majority of the drawings and poems I am going to be incorportating in this ePortfolio are pieces I have been working on throughtout these past couple of years. They don’t have a specific theme to it because just like art and poetry, they are open to one’s interpretation. Enjoy and feel free to comment. I want to see how I can improve or be inspired by your guys’ thoughts and ideas. I really would love to have art and poetry thrive in the future generations; and by using those two expressions as the main focus of my ePortfolio, it is truly a beginning. Keep an open mind because art and poetry have no limits...[SCOTT: can you say something about how your "other" classes connect to your life as an artist? Any inspriations, overlaps, or skills you've learned here? What about your "journey" as an artist? How did you grow and develop across the years?]

Toni Murphy

[10 points but see my comments in my most recent email to you. I think you need more information on how this fits in with your academic career.] The first page of my eportfolio funcitons as an introduction, but perhaps a simpler and shorter intro could precede that. So here it is:

Batteries Not Included is a Bay Area Bluegrass band that has been performing traditional and contemporary bluegrass music in northern California for the past 8 years. BNI performs at bluegrass festivals and in various venues around the bay. The purpose of this eportfolio is to provide general information about the band, including the band’s history, membership, musical influences, and past performances. You can view band photos and access samples of our music from our current CD, which was reviewed in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. At the end of our eportfolio, we have included a list of Bluegrass Music related links to either further your education or feed your obsession!

Daniel Lafrentz

[10 points -- and yes, I like it MUCH better!]

[scott -
this is the new, improved, and revamped introduction to my ePortfolio. hope you like it.

Film and history...film and history. The seem at first glance to be completely unrelated. At second glance though it seems they are more closely related than we thought. Everyone knows that there are historical movies. But then...a curveball...film, history and a Foothill College student. Now things get a little tricky.

My name is Daniel Lafrentz. I am a California (Bay Area) native, born in Los Gatos and raised in Los Altos. I've spent my whole life in school around here at Stevens Creek Elementary, Kennedy Middle and finally graduated from Monta Vista High School in 2004. I'm a second year student at Foothill College presently and this coming spring quarter will be my last at Foothill. I love to travel (photo galleries of some of the below) because I absolutely adore immersing myself and learning about other cultures. Playing music is another hobby/love of mine because there's such a creative process to it and because it wonders me to think how simple vibrations can affect us so. And the end result is this, my ePortfolio a.k.a. a reservoir for anything I write, make, think of, etc. It is also a representation and refelction of the two passions in my life: film and history.

Film has for many year been one of my passions. Writing scripts, filming, laboring away at editing, picking that perfect song to set the tone. I've applied to film schools at UCLA and Chapman University for admission this coming fall. Hopefully I'll be accepted and then I'll have the means at my disposal for formal education in film and then setting myself on the path of becoming a real film maker. Included in this ePortfolio are some of the writings I've done for film schools with the intention of conjuring lucid and vivid imagery in the reader's mind. A piece called "Wish You Were Here" is one that I am especially proud of. But what about history?

History as of late has become my other passion. Mainly because I see how the world around me is not simply a static creation, but instead the living result of history. There is a huge miconception that history is just a series of separate events with no bearing on our lives today. This is completely untrue, because we're living this very moment with th repercussions of historical events. This ties in simply because if the whole film career doesn't work out, I'd simply like to teach high school history, and let the next generation know that they are involved and important in learning from history and shaping the future of planet earth.

Ideally I'd like to combine the two and make movie about history, in an effort to teach millions of people through a medium they thoroughly enjoy. Because when you love learning and you let it affect you, it empowers one to go out and make a difference. Maybe that could happen to you, here at the Deep End. So go on and let's go off the Deep End together. -Daniel


[No Credit. This is just a repeat of your (late) Research #4, isn't it?] My overall focus of my Eportfolio will be " My Academic Accomplishments in English at Foothill College". The reason I pick English rather than any other subjects is that I am really interested in English. I even plan on pursuing a minor degree in English. ( But it is so tough). I took a lot of Engish classes at Foothill College so my records will be more feasible. Another reason is that I have noted that my Enlighsh proficiency has improved a lot after I came to America. I am not boasting that I am now perfect in English or anything, but I have made a progress in my English learning, at least from zero to one. I would like to share how my process of English learning with you all, and since this is an English class, why not English?
To mark the beginning of my eportfolio, I would start by giving a introduction of myself and how I am heading in the English field.
I live in Hong Kong, and I learnt English when I was 6 years old. Yet, learning a second language in a English as an Second Language city is tough. It is far from native English. There are too many more to learn, to many more different and unknown knowledge that I fail to learn in Hong Kong.
When I come to America, I have a hard time struggling in ENligsh, even today. I have had a lot of ESL problems that none of the native people here have. I am a lot less competitive than they are. I even cried so many times for not catching up with them.
Now, i am going to show you my writing in high school, then in the first quarter i came to America, and then the most recent essay that I've written.

Meera Parbhakar

[10 points -- and I think you should use BOTH intros!] I have two "introductions" to my eportfolio, because pupilpages has one "home" page and then a biography. I'm not sure which one to post, so I'm just going to post both:] The "home" page is first and then there is my biography.

"Language, she said, was just our way to explain away the wonder and the glory of the world. To deconstruct. To dismiss. She said people can't deal with how beautiful the world really is. How it can't be explained and understood." That is a quote from one of the most fascinating books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading, "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk. I think it eloquently explains why I love to write.

It is difficult to fully comprehend the world in all of its magnificence, but language, and more specifically writing, helps me to dissemble everything. I am forced to gather my thoughts and place them on paper. In doing so everything becomes so much more clear, because there it is, whatever “it” may be, physically sitting right in front of me instead of obscurely floating about in the atmosphere. Each word is like a little box that holds inside of it millions of clues; clues to explain to myself and to others exactly how I choose to interpret the world.

So here’s to language; to all of the time that we take it for granted, and to all that it silently helps us to do.


My name is Meera Parbhakar and I am currently a student at Foothill College in Los Altos, California. I am majoring in Psychology and hope to transfer to UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2007. I think that I may want to Law School thereafter.

I would like to think that I have been a writer all my life. Even as a little girl I understood how powerful written word can be. I was born and raised just outside London, England and literature was a huge part of my childhood. I always had an enormous imagination and knew that I could do anything that I wanted to just by writing myself in as a character in one of the many short stories I wrote.
I have no intention in obtaining a formal degree in English or Literature because I’m not sure that I want to associate what I love to do with the pressure of academia, but how knows whether or not I will want to make a career out of writing sometime in distant future.

Katja Broddesson

[10 points -- looks good!]
This is my intro/bio thingie. BTW, I LOVE the PupilPages! Thanks for alerting me to that one. Let me know what you think of this submission.

Welcome to my ePortfolio!
I am honored that you have decided to stop by, so let me introduce myself. My name is Katja Broddesson and I was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to California in 1992. In the past dozen years I have enjoyed raising a family together with my husband. As my children grew older I decided to resume my journey towards a career in information science. I should mention that the journey began as a fuzzy notion while I was attending university in Sweden about sixteen years ago.

Being a re-entry student since 2003, I am currently finishing my lower division work at Foothill College while taking the opportunity to obtain an AA degree in Humanities. Soon I will be working towards a BA degree in English and, later, an MLIS degree, both at San Jose State University. Career-wise, I am interested in becoming a professional archivist or curator.

My ePortfolio showcases my writings. I have always been drawn to writing as a creative expression no matter what language, so it seemed a particularly fitting focus for this portfolio. On these pages I have chosen to show work that seems relevant in quality and/ or content and I include work from different classes and genres. In the future I plan to update my portfolio with work written in Swedish, my native tongue.

Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you again soon!

Michelle Grannum

[10 points -- but you didn't explain what would be in the portfolio or how it would all fit together. What connections have you found between your classes? What hidden patterns have you discovered?] Welcome to my e-portfolio, created in March 2006. My name is Michelle Grannum and I am currently a student at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. I will be graduating in June with an Associates Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. After graduation I plan to work for 1 year gaining practical experience in my field of study. After the year is up I hope to return to a local university where I will complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and International Business.

I am an international student from South Africa and have been in California since August 2002. I initially came to the U.S.A as an au pair and only planned to stay for one year. About 6 months into my visit I decided that I wanted to stay in California to attend college, and I have not looked back since.

The focus of my e-portfolio is very broad and covers all of my academic accomplishments at Foothill College. It’s purpose is to give you, the reader, a general sense of my academic life as well as a bit about myself outside of school. In addition to providing a list of the classes I have taken, samples of my writing and my awards and achievements, I have also included my resume, my interests and hobbies, letters of recommendation and a page with my contact information.

Andrew Tan

[10 points -- but you didn't really explain much about what the "journey" was or how everything actually fits together. So far, I'm still a bit lost...] My introduction isn't so much an introduction to myself (I have an about me page), but a brief welcome mat to my portfolio. Hope that's ok...


Hi, I’m Andy Tan. Welcome to my ePortfolio.

I’m a student at Foothill College transferring to UCLA in 2007. Right now, I’m working on an AA in Business Administration, as well as a certificate in written communication. In the Winter quarter of ’06, I decided to take an experimental honors seminar on ePortfolios. In the class, we explored different applications of ePortfolios, and the impacts the internet in general had on education. This ePortfolio was created by me to record the fruits of my academic travels, and more importantly, allow you the visitor a detailed look into what makes me “me”.
Within the folds of this ePortfolio, I will present the multiple and complimenting aspects of my higher education, as well as provide insights into my choices for the past, present, and future. Some of the exhibits I’ve included are: my unofficial transcript, my past achievements, my future plans, and samples of work I am proud of. By the time you’re done taking this tour of my life, I hope that you’ll have formed a more complete understanding of me as a student, and me as a person.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my ePortfolio.

Cassie D-A

[10 points -- creative and still manages to "connect the dots"!] This is my introduction on the first page of my ePortfolio. I've made it look very colorful on my ePortfolio but here's just the text.


"You’re sixteen?" "Why didn’t you like high school?" "HA! So you just stay at home all day, I wish I could do that!" "Are there any people your age there?" Do you live in a DORM?! That must be weird!" "Wait, so when are you at school?" "I don’t get it." "I like high school, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t." "WOW! I wish I had left high school, it sucked!" "I don’t think I could be around older people, but it looks like you’re doing fine." "Don’t you feel so awkward around older people??" "Woah, I thought you were like 25 years old." "You started college at fourteen?!" "Don't you miss the dances and prom?" "I can't imagine not being with my friends at school all the time!" "You seem so much older than sixteen!"

These are the questions, comments, ponderings, and thoughts that people have shared with me when I’ve shared with them that I attend Foothill College at sixteen. Attending Foothill at sixteen isn’t THAT weird; there are two other sixteen-year-old students in my French 2 class this quarter (Winter ’06), there’s Robin (also sixteen) who is in the Honors online seminar about ePortfolios I’m taking this quarter as well, and I know of a few other students around my age.

"What DO you do?" is a great question to ask me; by exploring and reading through my ePortfolio I hope you will begin to understand what I do with my time. The focus of my ePortfolio is to show and explain to you what my education is like, how I learn, and what I'm learning. Not only do I attend Foothill classes, I'm in two clubs at Foothill, I'm in the Honors Institute, I'm a Senior Girl Scout, I'm working on my Girl Scout Gold Award project (I'm creating a documentary), I love yoga, I've traveled to Russia, Germany, South Africa, France, England, Canada, as well as thirty-six states in the US, I love math and theater, I love making movies, I've worked backstage for the past two summer musicals and a fall show at Foothill, I love dancing, I've attended so many engaging conferences - I've even spoken at a couple and done registration at one, I've built a desktop computer with my brother and I'm very attached to my laptop, I play guitar on and off, and I absolutely love interacting with other people but I also like being alone sometimes. Seriously, how would I be able to do all of these incredible activities and meet amazing people if I was in high school? I do know people who have enjoyed and are enjoying high school and at the same time I believe that education is totally personal and students need to take charge of their learning and how they learn.

I hope you enjoy exploring around my ePortfolio as well as discovering what my education is like!


Valentino Lin

[10 points, but a few suggestions: 1) I think "my distinguished guests" sounds a bit too formal; 2) can you give a preliminary list of the offices you've held and/or activities you've coordinated; 3) can you give more hints about how this all fits together, the overall patterns of leadership growth you see in yourself] Hi Scott, this is an introduction of home page of my very first eportfolio. Thank you for this experience. I had a wonderful time exploring the platform and having a fun time designing my own first eportfolio.

Greetings My Distinguished Guest,
I am honored to have you to visit my Eportfolio. The theme of my Eportfolio circulates around my life in the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC). Since my arrival to , I have been actively involved in all aspects of ASFC. I have planned and executed numerous events. Besides being the organizer, I also participated in leadership conferences namely the Community Colleges Student Affairs Association (CCCSAA), where student leaders from all community colleges in meet together to attend workshops to upgrade our leadership capabilities. Over the time spent with ASFC, I built up my personality, character, and leadership skills. I am more capable of multi-tasking than before. This polishes my capability and motivates me to serve and advocate for students more effectively.

In this eportfolio of mine, I would like to show you the steps I have taken which brought me to who I am today.

Stephanie Wijaya

Hello there,

I’m an international student from Foothill College, and this eportfolio is another project for my English 34 class. You might think I’m some big fan of literature to set up this eportfolio, but I’m not. I’m totally not those people with sophisticated minds, but here is my eportfolio about those works I’ve found aspiring [SCOTT: do you mean inspiring?] from the texts used in my English classes. I have included in my eportfolio my thoughts of all the works I collected in here, as well as the complete paper I did for a couple of those works [SCOTT: name "those works" specifically] . All these efforts are made so that you come to fathom the essence of those literary works, and perhaps you’ll choose to read it on, and put it on your list. I choose to work on this theme because these works have somehow moved and inspired me in certain ways and I hope they’ll do the same for you too. [SCOTT: actually the point isn't so much to inspire others to read as to give a better idea of your own intellectual growth, your "journey". Please say more about that here!]

Stephanie Wijaya

Ping Tong Lo

[10 points -- one of my favorite "intros" so far because you clearly introduce yourself, the focus of your eportfolio, and your own overall "journey." Nice job!]


Welcome to my Eportfolio!

My name is Ping Tong Lo. I am an international student from Foothill College who is transferring this Fall to a four-year university. Among many liberal art subjects, I am deeply in love with the art (or science) of economics. For me, the study of economics is as much about my intellectual curiosity as it is about social responsibility. I believe in economics’ power to better our imperfect world, for instinct, to better adjust the gap between the rich and the poor, to stabilize the international market and most importantly, to lead everyone to fight against poverty.

To achieve my goal to have a successful career on poverty reduction, I need to equip myself with analytical mind and professional training in the discipline of economics. Therefore, I wish to transfer to Berkeley or UCLA to acquire the bachelor degree, and as soon as I graduate, I yearn to go to graduate school to continue my study in Economics, and eventually, I envisage myself to work in an university or some other international institutions, such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to realize my dream.

Overall, this is an Eportfolio about my inspiration and aspiration for Economics. I will talk about how I nurtured my interest in this subject, what failures and struggle I had encountered, and how I decided to alter my career goal through the process.

I hope you would enjoy the trip which goes through my days since I have first encountered economics; to me, these days are memorable and exciting. To you, I wish at least I could convey the message to you that I deep I am in love with Economics and hopefully, earn your recognition.

William Simiadi

[10 points -- but I think your word-choice is too informal. Maybe avoid words such as "so" and "you guys" (unless you only want your audience to be peers]

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my eportfolio. First let me introduce my self. My name is William Simiadi and I am an international student from Indonesia. Soon I’m going to transfer to a 4-year university; most likely to Purdue University. I’m majoring in Industrial Engineering and Purdue University has a great program for Industrial Engineering.
So in my eportfolio, I will focus on my academic accomplishment, from my high school up to now. I will basically talk about my journey in education and some obstacles I have faced. I will post some of my certificate and some of my work I have achieved and done during my school days. I hope this eportfolio will be an interesting one and hope you guys like it.

Best regards,
William Simiadi


[10 points -- very creative approach (seems appropriate to the field of Design]

Imaginary Foundation

Why design? Why context?

What do you mean?

I mean, why at all design [SCOTT: change word order to "why design at all?]? Maybe design is just bout giving context to something: a new context, or putting something into its context. And why can’t something, what ever the content may be, stand by itself without being anything else?

But isn’t context the thing that gives meaning to something?

Yes, but then why can’t the content stand by itself- and have its own meaning? And why does it have to be designed? Is it just a question of formality?

No, it’s about meaning. Doesn’t it change meaning? Isn’t it about controlling the meaning?

But if it is about controlling the meaning, then you give it a new meaning.

So, what do you think?

My name is Hok Ian U and I go by Winnie. I’m business major but I found myself into [SCOTT: word choice is confusing here] Art and Design. Therefore, my main theme of the ePortfolio is Art and Design. Finally, I find [SCOTT: have found?] a place for me to keep track of my works other than business. I’m currently studying in America and away from my hometown. Well, I guess this is a time for me to grow up. Arts and Design have no formulas, no exact answers; it is a place for imagination. And I’m going to share my space here in my ePortfolio with my works.


[10 points]

About myself and this e-portfolio

It took me by surprise this month that I will finally be transferring to John F. Kennedy University this coming fall. In my mind it was still a long way off. When I started at Foothill College a couple of years ago it seemed as if it was going to be forever. And now it is all within reach.

When I grew up in Holland in the sixties, going to college was not deemed a necessity. I had a passion for working with horses and taught the smaller kids at my barn, but there was always the notion you could not really earn your living with that. I would get married after all. And indeed, I did, and I had three children. But when I divorced and found myself without training, income or an idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, at age 41 I had to think fast. First I had to make sure I had a roof over my head and food on the table. My volunteer pastor job at the Church of Divine Man and the psychic training I had received at the Berkeley Psychic Institute could not sustain me.

After a detour through a big Silicon Valley big company, I found my current employment at the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy in Woodside as a horse handler. After being out of horses for twenty four years I was back with horses and making a living. I received my certification as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor two years later and have since taught many of the special needs children that attend the program either vaulting ( gymnastics on the horse) or general horsemanship and riding.

In this time the idea was born to go back to school. I have always had an interest in working with people, coaching, encouraging, validating and nourishing whatever talents they posses. In my riding classes this was a skill that I wanted to develop more and more. The idea was born to go to college and work towards a psychology degree to (eventually)provide Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. This would combine my new skills as a counselor and therapist with my spirituality and psychic training and many years of volunteer pastor service. Besides, I would use the horse as a therapy tool. When looking at all the possibilities I found that John F. Kennedy University in Campbell is offering a masters degree in Holistic Psychology. That was just the open-mindedness I was looking for.

In the last couple of years I have worked on the prerequisites at Foothill College and found that not only was it fun to go to school, I was good at it. Combined with a 40 hour workweek I could take two classes at the time and maintain a good GPA. I was also able to maintain my service as pastor in my church. I know I still have a long way to go and I will have to pace myself. I will have to continue to work almost full time to be able to live in this area an to provide for my daughter who now lives with me. JFK has a program specially geared toward working people.

In this e-portfolio you will find an overview of what I have done with my life so far. Children, family, travel, You will find a summary of the classes I have taken at Foothill College. There is an overview of my career at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.
There will be an update of my progress at JFK as well as my professional life.

Andry Jong

[10 points-- but please say much more about how Music and Math inter-relate]. This is just a plan. I might change this in my actual ePortfolio; but will not be far from this:

I am Andry Jong, an International Student in Foothill College. Originally born in Indonesia, this is my second year in Foothill College, and in the United States of America. I am hoping that I will be able to transfer to the closest four-year-university soon (Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, or SJSU). I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, actually, but I am trying to get an Associates Degree in Mathematics from Foothill College also. After transferring to four-year-university, I might want to minor I either Mathematics or Music (two very unrelated subjects some might think).
This ePortfolio of mine will focus on the subjects I am interested in. As time flies, I hope I will be able to relate those unrelated subjects that I am interested in through this ePortfolio. Hence, you will see, in this ePortfolio, some fascinating stuff about mathematics, stimulating functions of programming, also some beautiful and intriguing musical products and theories.
This ePortfolio is open for everybody who would like to know more about these subjects. I am also very open for any suggestions and comments. Moreover, I hope everybody enjoy reading this ePortfolio.

Ronald Tan Kiem Seng

[10 points but needs much more work. Please specify more about what your "learning journey" has been, and provide a specific list of the items/essays/exhibits you'll be presenting -- plus some insights into how it will all fit together!]

I’m Ronald Tan Kiem Seng, an international student from Indonesia who is currently studying in Foothill College. I will be transferring to four-year University on Fall, either to UC Berkeley or Purdue University

In this eportfolio, I’ll be presenting my journey through education from secondary school until now and some thoughts that I had while going through them. I would put more emphasis on my science learning because I found science subjects to be more interesting than the others. I will showcase some of the works that I have done throughout my school days such as lab reports. I hope this eportfolio will be interesting and gives an insight about my learning journey.

Ronald Tan Kiem Seng

Robin Angell

[10 points -- need to hear more about your "learning journey" and how the exhibits you have selected fit together!] My name is Robin Angell. I have an extensive list of past schools because life is causing me to move around a lot. In the past five years I have attended: Foothill College, Solano College, Vanden High School, J.L. Stanford Middle School, and the Girls’ Middle School. This e-portfolio includes my best work from Solano and Foothill Community Colleges.

The first item I have included is a step by step guide for drawing Lewis Structures in my own words. Lewis structures are one of my favorite parts of chemistry. The second piece is a paper on childhood obesity that I wrote for my English 1 class at Solano Community College. Next, I chose to include a letter to my father that I wrote for my interpersonal communications class last quarter. The last item is a paper that I wrote about the development of black children for my Child Development class at Solano.

You can see the beginnings of my e-portfolio at

Anna Flink

[10 points -- please say much more about what specifically your "develolpment" as a photographer has been!] Welcome to my ePortfolio!
I’m an international student doing my last year at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA, as a Biology/pre-med. major. This fall I will be transferring to Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA, where I’ll do my last two years towards a Bachelor degree.

This ePortfolio about my Photographical development will mainly serve just to get me back into the field since I’ve haven’t had much time to practice much photography lately. Therefore I’d like to gather what I’ve done so far so that I can see ho I’ve developed so far and learn from it. I also hope to inspire other people to get into the field disregarding their ability at the moment, because it’s an interesting for of art that most people can get good at with some work.

On this site you can follow my development from the first photo class I took until more resent photographs I’ve taken in class as well as for fun. I’ve chosen the photographs I think present this development in the best way. You will also be able to read comments on why I think so and why each photo is on this site. I hope this will give you some inspiration to develop your talent in one for me very interesting field. Enjoy!

Shawn Saxena

[10 points -- but what exactly is "the path you have taken" and where is it leading. Why international relations? How do your other courses/interests in life intersect?]

This is roughly what I expect to use:

Hello, my name is Shankar Saxena. I was born in San Francisco, and I have spent my entire life in some part of the Bay Area. I am a student currently attending Foothill College and I plan to transfer in fall of 2007. I’m majoring in Economics and I hope to transfer UCLA. I am particularly interested in international affairs and policy and how they relate to economic theory. So in my e-portfolio, I will spotlight my academic and extracurricular achievements. My focus will be the path I have taken so far and how it relates to my personality and my goals. I plan to use some of the major work that I have done, as well as some of the awards that I have received. This should all tie together to provide an overview of who I am and what I hope to accomplish.

Avinash Nayak

[10 points -- sounds genuinely fascinating, but I can't say I understand anything yet about how your eportfolio will be organized or what you're putting in it!] E-portfolios can help each and every one of us! I have decided to share with the world how I think e-portfolios, blogging and forums can, and in ways, already [SCOTT: have?] changed our lives. I am a student at Foothill College who was motivated to create an e-portfolio about, well, e-portfolios! I decided to dedicate this page to the wide and wonderful world of e-portfolio’s. I think that it is necessary to invite people into the digital age and the easiest way to do so is to create an e-portfolio or add to an existing e-portfolio. I think that people will have a much easier time getting help from other students than if they were to use a book or another source. The reason is because people have already have been in your same position. For those who are new to the idea of blogging or Electronic Portfolios, it’s a bit like the well know, huge success, Wikipedia – an open source encyclopedia where people can create, edit, submit facts about the world. And the best part is that it’s all free. An e-portfolio is an open source “folder” specifying in a particular topic.

A belief that I share with many around the world is the notion that, no one should put a price on education!

ps - please visit my e-portfilio by clicking on the link below.

Ka Ho Lee

[10 points -- good start but very vague word choice. You didn't specify your home country...or exactly what your "educational path" has actually been. So add more specifics as you move forward with your project!]

As an international student at Foothill, this is my second year in this college but it’s the third year in the United States. I have been studying in Arkansas for one year as an exchange student. In this year I am planning to transfer to one of the UC and especially I would like to transfer to UCLA. That’s why I join the honors program. On the other hand, I could challenge myself and also, the honors
program can be defined as a short cut to get in to UCLA. In this eprofolio I would focus on describing my educational path starting from the first day I came to the USA to this moment. It is because I think there is such a big change in my attitude on learning and also my academic result too. In this eprofolio I would try to get some interviews from my high school teachers and they would show everyone that how am I when I in high school and also I would post my report card which can show the actual improve in these few years. Also there are several journeys which I write and how I feel in these year. I hope everyone would enjoy reading and feel free to leave command for me so I do better in this eprofolio. I hope everyone would enjoy reading and feel free to leave command for me so I do better in this eprofolio.

Mary Elaine Akers-Bell

[5 points. Effectinve self-intro!]
I have two sections that serve as an introduction-- one "About Me" and another "About is the focus of your ePortfolio".

About Me: (cut from my personal statement for a scholarship that I really liked)

I have always dreamed of becoming bilingual. I am captivated by the existence of other cultures and languages. After I graduated from high school, instead of going to college immediately I opted to spend a year in Japan as a Rotary International Youth Exchange student.

My primary reason for going to Japan was to learn the language. Looking back, I realize that my year abroad did more than increase my vocabulary. During that year, I developed not only a love for Japanese culture but also a growing appreciation for the variety of cultures around the world. I think much violence stems from lack of understanding, miscommunication, and fear of cultures that are different. After being an exchange student, I feel that by educating people about Japan, and increasing their appreciation of different cultures, I can contribute to world peace.

Upon my return home, I decided to work toward a degree in Japanese. I wanted to build on what I had learned in Japan, improve my fluency, and deepen my understanding of the culture. So as soon as I entered into college I enrolled in Japanese classes.

My desire to stay in contact with Japanese culture motivated me to reactivate the Japanese Club at Foothill College. Organizing a club has proven difficult because of all the paperwork and legal issues associated with ASFC and college rules. The over all theme--appreciating Japanese culture and educating the community--has made all the hoop-jumping worth it. Even though the club is still young, and the members have not known each other for a long time, there is a growing feeling of mutual respect and support among the members.

My current academic goal is to complete an AA in Japanese and a Certificate of Leadership, then transfer to a four year college and get my BA with a major in Art and a minor in Creative Writing. After I graduate, I would like to go to Japan for a year to teach English, so I can further improve my Japanese language proficiency and continue learning how I can better instruct people. My goal is to instill a love for different cultures in my students, through art, writing, and language.

I want to become a teacher, because it allows me to use both my creativity and my appreciation of culture to help students. I have considered helping exchange students in America, or perhaps I will become a teacher in Japan. No matter where I end up teaching, I want to help people, and contribute to world peace.

And, focus of ePortfolio:
Creative activities I've implemented in and out of school and how creativity plays a central role in my life.

The Art: in High School and College

The Music: In school and beyond

The Writing: Examples in Junior High School, my college creative writing course, and the Creative Writing Club

The Creativity: My creative "Ziva" chemistry project

Outside the Classrom: How creativity has expressed itself outside of the classroom, e.g. illustrating the children's book Benjamin's Dog Joseph and completing several commissioned paintings.

I think I'll make a tiny blurb for my home page-- but I don't want to put up anything I will change because I found that each time I edit my homepage, the url changes, so everbody's bookmarks become useless. So, maybe a pretty picture and a small generic statement or something.

Christine Ferry

[5 points. Can't wait to se your "remodeled ePortfolio.]

Hello and welcome to my Eportfolio! I’m Christine Ferry and I am attending Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. At the moment I am looking into different schools in the area that offer either a BA or BS in Environmental Studies. I recently moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast with my husband and 11-year-old daughter.

This Eportfolio is set up to showcase my recent work in the home remodel project that I am doing in Menlo Park. The remodel started solely as a personal project but along the way I discovered a way to merge 2 of my interests; houses and the environment. I’ve enjoyed doing it so much that I would find building “green” homes a rewarding career. There is no better place to do that than here in California.

Along this journey I discovered a lot about myself. Mainly, that I am able to run a large project and also I found it really wasn’t more expensive to build “green”. Some items may be a little more expensive at first but it will save the homeowner money in the long run. My goals for this project were to make my home “healthy”, avoid waste and use eco friendly materials. I discovered many alternatives to the normal things builders tell you to use in a house. These include bamboo floor, recycled glass tile for the bathroom and a countertop made of recycled materials.

At this time my project is still going on with a completion date of May 1st. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve taken along the way and that you go away with some useful ideas that you can use.

Some exhibits that will be seen will be:
Before and after pics of my house.
Pictures and explainations that have inspired me along the way.
Eco-friendly things you can do in a reomodel that I may not being doing in my remodel.
And Future projects that I am considering.

Cheryl Sundheim

[5 points. I like that "living my life backwards" intro/hook!]
I do currently have an introduction page in my ePortfolio. And what is written on it so far is . . .”Introduction” . . . so this assignment will be particularly useful for me.

Although I have many ideas for things I would like to put in my ePortfolio, I am going with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) plan so I can actually complete it. My introduction page will have an “About Me” column and an “About My ePortfolio” column. Here is a rough draft of both.

About me
I sometimes feel like I am living my life backwards.
After working in the international travel and software industries, I got married and raised a family – two sons who are now 19 and 23.
As they became more independent, I began working with adolescent boys who had autism. Being in the classroom with those kids was the most rewarding and enjoyable job I have experienced. But the idea of returning to a different type of classroom had been at the back of mind for a while. I did not go to college after high school. Although my life was very fulfilling as it was, going back to school was starting to move to the top of my priority list.
So I am now a re-entry student. This was a term I hadn’t heard of before. Basically, it is a politically correct way of saying “older” student.
I’m following a path that will prepare me to transfer to a 4-yr college or university, and I may pursue a degree in psychology. But what is most important to me is not a degree, but to be learning things that I can put to use in my life in the present or near future. For example, I am taking Spanish and I also recently became certified to teach English as a second language. This summer, I will be using both of these new tools when I travel to El Salvador as part of a volunteer group.
The most important things in my life are my family, my friends, and my faith. (I’ll post a few pictures)

About my ePortfolio
The focus of my ePortfolio is what I am doing at Foothill – my classes and the tennis team, how they support each other, and how I am using what I am learning from each of them in my life. I will have a page for each class that will tell what I am working on, some thoughts and reflections about what I am learning, how it relates to other classes and how I am utilizing what I am learning. I will post a link to a piece I have written for each class. It will be easy to be selective, because I don’t have much to select from yet. I will also have to figure out some way for people to leave comments. So as I said, it is simple, but I think/hope that it will be a good base that I can expand and change over time.

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