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Scott Lankford

Mary Akers-Bell's ePortfolio is at http://www.cfkeep.org/html/stitch.php?s=40588582810563&id=32658211358505

Christine Ferry

My Eportfolio is on Pupil Pages....Keep in mind it is still a work in progess but I would love any comments.

The address is www.pupilpages.com/welcome
Please enter username: demo8755

(sorry it's not a bunch of "great thinkers" playing soccer!)


Wow! Mary's ePortfolio is really reminiscent of the Greek 2004 Eurocup Win ...

So glad that Archimedes scored the first and only goal ... but I thought she was writing about English?

Maybe there is another URL for her ePortfolio?


Christine, I put my comment on your "before" picture page. I wasn't sure where else to put it since there isn't a comment section on the main page.

Mary Elaine Akers-Bell

Nope: Mary's ePortfolio is Here:http://www.cfkeep.org/html/stitch.php?s=40588582810563&id=32658211358505

Daniel Jevremovic

my eportfolio is at my.rcampus.com/jdan007
(not updated since last thursday)


Hi Everyone,

My e-portfolio is at:


FYI: Even though I used geocities, I can't recommend it. I had to use blogger and photobucket links just to keep it from crashing. Also, I tried to use their fancy "guest book" and it just never worked. The only plus side is that I think now that I've got it running, I might not have to maintain it or pay money in a month's time.

Cassie D-A

I have also updated my ePortfolio! I have a new page highlighting my role as co-chair of Women's History Month at Foothill.

You can take a look by clicking on the annoyingly long link: http://www.cfkeep.org/html/stitch.php?s=25054367282478&id=51020225091856

Sarah Riegelhaupt-Herzig

My eportfolio has arrived!!
It isn't quite done, but you can start commenting. I', in the media lab and the other stuff I need is at home.

Chris Nguyen

Hey! My e-portfolio is up and running, though I'm still finishing it up! Here's the link:


The username to use is: demo8740

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Cheryl Sundheim

Well, we did it! We have ePortfolios!
Mine is almost completed and can be found at:
Your comments would be appreciated.


Diana Wong

Here is my eportfolio it is pretty much done. I actually had alot of fun with this project!

Joe Moorbrink

Here's my eportfolio:


Irine Tyutereva


There's mine :)

Daniel Jevremovic

i guess i posted before but this copy should be complete.. maybe ill make some last minute changes

It was really an interesting assignment... i wish i would have gotten a more open ended service now.

Shadi Kaileh

Here is my auto eportfolio:



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