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Toni Murphy

[10 points] Nothing like a progress report assignment to get you going! On my eportfolio I have actually made some progress and feel like I have a good start. I rewrote our band biography and added band historty details. Two of our band members emailed me promptly with their updated individual musical biographies. (I interpreted this to mean they are eager to resurrect the band)! I located a list of past performances sorted by year and combined them into a "Past Performance Highlights" document or section, weeding out all the coffee shop (read "dive") gigs, and leaving more of the festival type performance venues. I found my "review" file, but the content is so minimal, I decided to skip it. However, I did have a "lightbulb" moment and remembered our CD had been reviewed in a major Bluegrass Music magazine, so I located and scanned it. I saved it in "tif" format and in a Word document. I don't know which will work best in the actual eportfolio. For some reason my dratted computer wouldn't allow me to save it as a jpeg. I thought that's what I needed . . .(?) (Anyway, it never occurred to me before today to include this for some strange reason). So instead of a "review" section per se, I'll include the CD review with soundclips in the CD (product) section.

One problem I anticipate is that our promo photos are 8x10. I plan to scan these, then post them, but I think the file size will be huge. I seem to remember that I can reduce the file size using the scanning softward . . . I may need to sacrifice some quality here. I also wanted to add some old promotional photos in the Band history section, since we've evolved with various members throughout the years, but again the file size may create a problem.

Next steps include rewriting mine and my husband's indivdual biographies and editing the Word document of our magazine review since it has advertisements on the same page and as well as other CD reviews. I need to locate our old promotional photos and scan them. I'm not sure where they are! (possibly the attic-won't that be fun???) Finally, I plan to access the International Bluegrass Music Association to see if they have current stats on the growing popularity of this musical genre.

Judy Chen

[10 points]AH! I swear I have the worst of luck with this thing. I just typed it all up and forgot to save and my computer froze!!! Oh well, anyways, I haven’t started on my ePortfolio yet. I’m actually getting a bit nervous because I feel really behind. Usually I procrastinate a lot, but honestly I’m not trying to for this assignment. I just have no idea what to do. [Sounds like this will be a good assignment for you: you need some practice directing your own research -- instead of being "told exactly what to do" by teachers all the time!] When I was doing my “pre-planning” my ePortfolio, I seemed to have it figured out. Now that I really sit down and think about it, I’m not quite sure what to do. I sent you an email with a few questions I hope to get answered. Without knowing those answers, I really don’t know how to begin. I guess I could start building my ePortfolio and if it’s wrong start over. That just seems like a waste of time though. [Why? How else can you do anything new?] One of my main questions was that if I could use Xanga as my ePortfolio instead of the 12 you recommended. [YES]Just because I used that for my blog, I’m very use to it. I like to work with programs I’m more comfortable with. I’m thinking about signing up another account with Xanga and use that as my final project. I was planning on doing my ePortfolio on ‘writing,’ but that seems so boring now. I wanted to do something with color, like art or something but I don’t have a scanner or anything like that to put my pictures online. If I was to do writing, am I just suppose to post essays and analyze them? I’m not quite sure what it is I have to do with them. How many essays am I suppose to post? [Up to you] I’m very confused right now, and not sure how to continue. [Follow the plan you make already] Hopefully I figure something out soon!! I really do want to get started on it because I have many projects and reports coming up. Man, this is going to be a tough one.

Anna Flink

[10 points] Last week’s research assignment got me thinking about my eportfolio and I am now proud to say that this week’s assignment got me started on it. I haven’t gotten far, but I’ve come past the threshold and I can see a slow progress. The platform I finally chose was Lycos’ Tripod platform because it seemed fairly easy to work with. What I’ve done on the page so far is some minor text editing and created an overall structure of the page with nice background, text, and title colors.

Other than starting the actual site designing process, I’ve started the background work by starting to gather all the rough material together. One of my problems with my eportfolio, which is focused on my photographical development, is that I have some of my old work at home in Sweden. Well, the very first step I took in making my this eportfolio was to call my dad to make sure he scans and sends me the work I want presented on the site. As for the work I have in my apartment, there’s only a small part of it that is already digital and on my computer. Since I don’t have a scanner I had to use my digital camera and take pictures in order for me to turn it digital. I’m now halfway through this process since it’s a challenge to get the photos come out as good as possible.

I haven’t gotten very far in my eportfolio creation process at this time but since I’ve started I enjoy it more and I’m already very excited about continuing. And since the rough draft is online it’s easy for me to log in periodically to make the changes needed. Despite the fact that I created my Lycos account today I’ve already been logged on over five times to ad new things or to make changes.

Daniel Lafrentz

[10 points] for once i didnt post first. i havent actually started my eportfolio yet, but what i have been doing is compiling some of the things that i want to post on there. essays, stories, meaningful tid bits, etc. i was actually going to start making it about a week ago, but i was looking at typepad and realized for the free trial to get me through the quarter i had to wait a few days before starting it. which brings me to where i am now.

i have an idea of the layout i want, and i'm going to start putting it together probably wednesday or thursday. i've got some stuff that is a little more pressing (history paper due the 15th) that i want to finish before i start this. i've got to prioritze based on time and since most of the stuff on for me ePortfolio is already written, and i have yet to start my paper it takes priority (for the moment).

although i haven't actually started it yet i have definitely been thinking about it more and more. the pre-planning research project was a nice gentle reminder that it is still looming ahead. and thanks to that i'm not too worried. not to minimize its importance at all but i dont think it will be that hard to make. i think the difficulties will come in making it WELL, which is what i'm going to try to do.

i'm really excited for the prospects, because mose of the stuff that i need is on my computer already which should make life easy. i have plenty of pictures, music, etc. i also recently decided to add a little section for music texts that i'm either A) listening to B) or think are particularly poignant/meaningful/creative/or just happen to be resonating with me at the moment. i'm not sure why but i really like the idea of having something like that and i think it would go nicely on an ePortfolio.

Michelle Grannum

[10 points] This discussion topic was a really big wake up call for me, I have been thinking about my e-portfolio a lot but haven’t done too much more than that. Last weeks research assignment did help me organize my thoughts a bit. A problem I am having is that I don’t have a scanner and do not have the things I want to use on my computer. [they have some scanners available in the language arts lab at foothill (I think)]I am also really clueless when it comes to the technical stuff! I have some good ideas but I am not sure how to implement them and actually make the web page the way I picture it. Are we allowed to get help from friends with the technical side of things? Are there any specific requirements that we have to have in our e-portfolio? I am feeling a bit lost as to what exactly is expected of us. When is this project due, the last day of the quarter? [please see syllabus for complete details]

Last night I headed over to the Open Source Portfolio Consortium, which has been designated for use by Foothill Students. I have to tell you that it is horrible to use and after about an hour of trying to figure out how to get started I was ready to throw my computer out of the window! I managed to register for an account but actually downloading the program is a painful process, which my boyfriend tried to walk me through on IM, but I eventually gave up in frustration. I will either have to find another platform or have him come over and install the program for me. The thing I am worried about is if it is so difficult just to get started I don’t have much hope for the program being very user friendly. I looked at the dotfolio and Epsilen sites but didn’t really like what I saw there either. Isn’t there an easy to use platform for this, like setting up an e-mail or myspace account? Can we use myspace for this and just change some of the format? [Yes, of course!]

Katja Broddesson

[10 points] OMG, you mean we actually have to CREATE something???
OK, so we knew this was coming it’s just so soon... Let’s blame the quarter system!
Anyway, I have (some vague) ideas of stuff to include and a confirmed “guest” to contribute to my ePortfolio so far. Those would be the good things.

[10 points] What’s bad is that I’m just not visually creative enough to know how to make my portfolio look interesting. In addition, I’m not that into music (I know that’s strange, but anyway), so I don’t feel compelled to add audio. Thus, I have to agree with Judy Chen’s comment regarding the potential “boringness” of a writing-oriented portfolio. [SCOTT: That depends on what you write, of course!] The design will be a problem for me. Anyway I want to direct Judy and others to Mitchell Stephens’ blog, (from your Research blog), which is all about writing: http://www.futureofthebook.org/mitchellstephens/. It proves that writing is not boring.

Another problem is the whole Epsilen drama. It’s true that we can’t use it unless we’re .edu people, I checked it out. Does anyone know if we can get around the Epsilen obstacles? [SCOTT: unfortunately not. They need an "edu" address] I’d really like to use that platform if possible, but it seems I may have to be a bit more flexible about that. I also looked at the Open Source thing and like someone else mentioned, that thing is anything but user-friendly. One can get lost in that digital quagmire for a while. I was primarily trying to find some samples to look at, but had a hard time grasping anything of value from that site. I might try the one Anna Flink used, Lycos something or other, or I’ll have to start from scratch.

I was also wondering about scanning. I have some work that’s only on paper copy and too long to re-write. Could I scan material like that in? [SCOTT: yes] What do I do if I don’t have a scanner (I don’t, but I could probably get a hold of one).

Lastly, I’d like someone to direct me to some really great finished portfolios to look at online. [SCOTT: there are many examples posted online on the Assignments Blog--remember the "Exploring Actual Examples" assignment a few weeks ago?]


[10 points] After the previous homework, I have defined my topic for my eportfolio- Academic achievements in English. I have a clear cut on my project outline and what is going to be in there. My goal is to show my academic progress in English Academic studies. My goal is to show how I have changed from the past till now, especially when I arrived here in America. The only step, is to gather back all my work in the past, organize it, and put it in categories of subjects and time sequence..

Then I would add more elements and interest factor to the portfolio by pictures related to my articles and work, and video clips,and comments of other professors and students and my opinion and state of mind when I was writing my works.
So, here is my schedule for my eportfolio project:
1. Sign up for a blog
2. put my work in categories and time sequence.
3. write some reflections on them. Make some comparisons.
4. Write a new category " Milestone for my English"
5. I would end my eportfolio by writing a letter of gratitude to my professor and friends who give help to my English studies.

I would probably finish task 1 and 2 in this weekend. Next week, during weekdays, i would try to write some reflections on several works that impresses me and means much to me. Then by next weekend, I would start my fourth task. perhaps by making a little chart similar to the one I made for my business plan. Then give a brief report on it. I would also send emails to soe professors and friends to take a look and give some comments on the blog to make it more intellectual. Hopefully it would be finished on time.

Meera Parbhakar

[10 points] So I have made some progress on my e-portfolio this week which I can proudly report. I really want to use pupil pages to design my e-portfolio, but I don't necessarily want to pay for it, so I was just going to use a trial version. However, I don't know what will happen once my 30 days are over, will me portfolio disappear? I really hope not. So I e-mailed them about this, and they have yet to get back to me. It's a little frustrating because I don't want to start actually posting things and linking things if I am going to have to switch to a different platform.

However, I have gone through and chosen some blogs from my personal Xanga site that I want to use. I have edited them a little for content and tightened up my grammer and so forth. I think that I am just going to make all of my other entries (those that I do not want viewers of my e-portfolio to read, which is the huge majority of them) and then provide a link to my Xanga in my portfolio. I think it would be the easiest/best way to do it. I also think I'll provide the link to my blogger for this class.

I have also chosen the specific essays I want to use from both my English 1A class and my high school English AP class. I want to go through today and pick some of the articles that I wrote for my high school newspaper to use as well,

I am feeling pretty good about what I have so far, but the whole thing with the demo version of pupil pages is really sort of stressing me out.

Valentino Lin

[10 points] After the conversation with Anna Flink regarding my habits of putting off work to the last minute, I think I have changed for the better. At least for the past couple of weeks, I am not posting my comments or blogs on Sunday, which I think is an improvement on my part. Thank you, Anna. [SCOTT: I add my thanks too!]

Going back to eportfolio, I have had began exploring a few platforms (epsilen, ePortfolio Consortium, EuroPortfolio, and Pupil Page). I have also thought of using the Xanga blogger as I have already been exploring it (when writing blogs). During this week, I compared and contrast among the different platforms and Xanga. To use epsilon, a educational email would be needed to register. For ePortfolio Consortium, there were too many words and information that it seemed too overwhelming. Also, I had difficulty finding the link to register. As for EuroPortfolio, I downloaded the program zipfile. As I tried to install it, the install folder had no other setup files in it. Looking around Xanga, it did not suit the layout and format that I wanted to have in my eportfolio. As we all know, Xanga is an electronic dairy. The posting of blogs is accumulated and there is no link at the sides (like English 34 assignment website) for quick access to the topic of visitors’ choice. Next, I explored Pupil Page. Its simplicity made my exploration of this platform easy and the website was straightforward. There is also a video aid to guide users to create and use the tools. Thus, after considering these reasoning, I decided to use Pupil Page. During this week, I will further explore Pupil Page platform to familiarize myself better with its tools. I will also start working on my biography and gathering pictures for my eportfolio. I believe that the construction of my eportfolio is going to be fun and enjoyable and I cant wait to complete to and present it to others for comments.

Stephanie Wijaya

[10 points] I think what I’ll do is to set up my eportfolio using blogger. It’s rather user-friendly and I what I love most about it is that they have this website, www.blogskins.com where you can actually choose your skins and they are ready-made. Means you would only need to copy and paste the html codes in you template option. but the problem is, they are created mainly for personal blogs, and so far, I haven’t been able to find the right skin for my eportfolio. Since the structure of eportfolios are more complicated than a blog, I would have to choose a skin in which I can do modifications to fit the structure of my eportfolio. And I think modifying isn’t easy. I would have to use software like adobe photoshop and upload the new edited skin to a webhost, and then see make changes to the html codes and then see if the whole thing fits nicely. Seriously, I think it would take much of my time. But hopefully, I can find some thing simple that would just fit to the outline of my eportfolio. And when I am done with my skin, the next step I’ll take is to gather all the materials I need to fill the content of my eportfolio, such as my essays and copies of those literary essays I want to include, which I hope I can find on the internet so that I wont have to type or scan all those long essays. And when I am done, I would organize them and start putting them together in my eportfolio. That means I would have to work with all those html codes. And yea.. not forgetting the useful links I might have to include, as well as the pictures needed, and the videos as well. I guess I would have to google for those things, and hopefully, those html codes wont make my life difficult.

Michelle Ho Pui Man

[10 points] I haven’t started building my ePortfolio yet. I realize that it’s actually quite late to start now. However, I am still having trouble in actually starting the work because it is so different from a paper portfolio which I am familiar with. I am not quite sure what I should put onto my ePortfolio as I can virtually upload whatever I like onto the internet. Hence, I do not know what to put up to in order to reveal to others what kind of person I am and what I have achieved so far. This is the main reason why I keep on delaying the work. However, thanks to last week’s research project, I have at least planned the basics of my ePorfolio. Although I still do not know very exactly what to put up there, I will start building the framework first. I will sign up for another blog or even a webspace as soon as possible so that I can at least build out the site first. However, I am really good at writing the html code so that I think I will just use software like Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver to help me if I really have to build a website out of it. [SCOTT: most students are using a blog or a pre-fabricated eportfolio platform instead of HTML or Dreamweaver.] Hence, I guess my website will not be a really fancy one because I am not really good at computer programming and those codes are a problem for me.
I will start writing a biography for myself because it is an essential part of a portfolio. I will also try to find back at the papers I have done for my English classes. I will make out a collection of the pieces of work that I have done outside the classroom too. There is no problem for me to show my English proficiency. However, my major is Mathematics and I am still wondering how I can show anything about Mathematics on my ePortfolio. I hope I can come up with something innovative eventually.


Update? Panic! I have still no idea how to approach the subject, how to actually get to a framework. I have read all of Helen Baretts e-portfoios but they do not tell me how to get there myself. I do get that in order to actually get something sensible in the time I have got to create an e-portfolio I will have to maybe create the basic links to other pages. I can create a portfolio about my school work . That might be usefull to start with. The question still remains, how do I start?
Tips anybody? [SCOTT: If you read other answers to this posting you'll find lots of ideas/tips/advice]


[10 points for combined postings] Okay, part 2! I have finally found a platform that seems to work for me. I am trying this one http://www.eportfolio.org/
This is a free builder. It starts with goals and you build from there on.
Somewhat less of a panic. Thank you, Simon. (ex-husband, who does not know anything about e-portfolio's but was less stuck than me so could help me search a little more clearly)At least Inow have an idea of what I am supposed to do. Still not too much web between those toes. (see my blog) [Glad you found a site]

Andry Jong

[10 points] I have joined two ePortfolio platforms so far: the www.eportfolio.org and the www.osportfolio.org (even though I still cannot seem to get how it works). I have done nothing so far, but I hope I will be starting soon. I was going to use DotFolio (as I have said before), but I could not find how to use nor join into it. Hence, I googled “ePortfolio free platform,” which led me to eportfolio.org, and I decided to join as “-guest-.” So far, this platform has everything that I want in an ePortfolio: "Personal Profile," "Goals," "Projects," and, of course, "Portfolio." I do not know yet if this platform can provide me with pictures and colors or not. I will try it out and find out this week (or next week). [SCOTT: great idea to just Google It!]
On the other hand, I have not figured out anything about the osportfolio. I have registered, and signed into this platform. Yet I could not figure out how to start building the ePortfolio, itself.
So far, I think I will stick on those two platforms. I might not be able to do anything right away, since these last two weeks of school I have a great number of assignments to do. However, I have thought about what I will do first and next. I will first supply my personal profile and my portfolio. I joined the CRLP70 class before [SCOTT: what is that? I'd like toknow more] , and in that class we were taught how to make portfolios. Hence, I have had some idea how to make the portfolio part. I hope I will be able to search for the purposes of each mathematical subject (as I have mentioned I will be focusing on). I started looking at my mathematics books to search for some good quotes that I can use.
Oh, I also think that I will start making my ePortfolio as a goal setting place. I think this is going to be one of the first things that I want to include in my ePortfolio.
As for links and the other good stuff, I am not sure yet if I will have them in my ePortfolio or not. Of course I want to have them, but as I have said before, mathematics is not the easiest subject to be browse in the internet.
Procrastinating? I guess I am procrastinating… However, I am always thinking while procrastinating.

Ka Ho Lee

[10 points] Honestly I don’t really start to do anything before last week or I should say I dun even remember there is an eprofolio that I need to hand in for 6% of the grade. But luckily there the Research Project #4 remind me that we got to hand in that in the final week and also make me spend some of my time to think about what to do and how to do. Actually right now what all I am thinking in just in my head, I don not really do anything that actually show on my blog but at least I find my direction what to write. Actually there is several reasons why I still have not start my eprofolio yet, first is because in this quarter I am taking Math 1b which I the weakest subject. I need to spend more than 21 hours per week to study it and also there are 1000 words to write for this course very week already, plus the essay I need to write for English 1b sometime is really drive me crazy. But I am not saying I can’t handle so many workloads. But just I would plan before the quarter how should I spend my time equally for each subject. And I think I could finish my own eprofolio within two weeks so I plan to start in the last two week, actually I have though to it in the sixth and the seventh week. But I thought it is better to do it at the end of the course since I would have a better sense what to write and put in my own eprofolio.
But until now I think I really enjoy doing this eprofolio because it makes me think a lot more than usual, I will spend 1 hour every day to brainstorm what to write, and it really gives me lots of idea, sometime not just for my eprofolio but other subject too. [SCOTT: I'm glad you're enjoying the course even though it's hard work.]

Andrew Tan

[10 points] Let me start by saying that this is a very helpful assignment. I had a lot planned and outlined, but nothing actually there. Once I got the email about this assignment, I immediately got to actually making my portfolio, and the reason I'm posting now is because now I actually have progress to report on. At first I was going to go with a blog format, but I didn't like the lack of manipulation I had with blogger. The organization that I had in mind just wasn't possible, I needed something more open. Next I tried to set up the open source, but it was a little frustrating to get started, so as of now I've signed up for a yahoo account to use geocities. [SCOTT: I like the idea of the City of Andrew!] I have a rough index page, and after some searching I found a cool website called flamingtext.com. With it I've created fancy banners and buttons, including buttons for: Goals, Achievements, Transcript, Writing Samples, About me, Academic Plan. I might ad more. Unfortunately, the buttons aren't uploading properly, so I might have to just use text buttons which don't look as good. I'm also trying to procure a digital camera to get pictures up, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to post writing samples and certificates. I wish I had access to a scanner. So to sum it up, my progress so far is basically that I have the skeleton of my ePortfolio, the website is set up and I have multiple pages, although nothing is published yet. I hope to make a lot of progress over the week, and have everything complete by next weekend, with the only thing left to do after that is refine everything.

William Simiadi

[10 points] I have not started doing my eportfolio yet. I have only searched for which platform suits me. I search for a free eportfolio platform and i get into this website (www.eportfolio.org). I’ve sign in into that website and explore on it for a few minutes. But I’m still not sure how to use it. I’ve only start filling out my biography. That’s all. I’ve plan to start doing my eportfolio nest week as I have midterm coming up. This last two weeks are extremely busy for me. I also found out that this eportfolio provide us with some options: "Personal Profile," "Goals," "Projects," “portfolio,” and even “resume builder”. I think these suits me and make it easier for me. I’m still not sure though on how to start doing the eportfolio. I also found another website from the 12 helpful links Scott gave us. It’s the OSP. I also join this platform but still not sure which one I’m going to use. But I think most likely I’m going to use the first one as I think it provide us with more options. So I think what I’m going to do next is to gather up some materials needed for my eportfolio and start thinking how I’m going to do my eportfolio. Some materials that I think I’m going to use are some of my work such as essays, and projects. After gathering all my materials, I have to decide how I’m going to lay it out on the eportfolio. I also have to Google some stuff such as some video and pictures link that suits my eportfolio. I’m not sure though whether I could paste some video on my eportfolio. I have to find out how to do it first. I hope I’m not going to find any trouble when doing this eportfolio and hope to have fun on doing this.

Ronald Tan Kiem

[10 points] I haven’t started making my eportfolio yet because I don’t read the course syllabus properly and thought that making eportfolio will be a part of the assignments or research projects that are posted on the main website. I realized that time is running short so I am trying to start making my eportfolio as soon as possible. I am quite busy this weekend as I have a few tests on week 10. As such, on this weekend, I am just looking for eportfolio platform that I can use for my project.

I decided to use the platform from http://eportfolio.org/. I have signed up on the website and when looking through the features that they have, they seem to be user friendly and easy to use. There are generally four sections that I am going to use, which are profile, careers, goals and portfolios. The profile allows me to put up personal information and photos. The career section is for putting the educational background, certificates and extra-curricular activities. What I am going to put in the goals section is probably what I want to make out of the eportfolios. I think it will help to put what I want to include in my eportfolio in the goal section as well so that people can see what my original goals are and when seeing at the final eportfolio, they can comment how much I have achieve what I want to achieve originally. The portfolio section is of course where I am going to put the bulk of the contents of my eportfolio.

Currently, I am on the process of planning what I want to include in my eportfolio in more specific details. Last week’s research project asks us to plan our eportfolio so I am going into the details from there. And hopefully, I won’t procrastinate any longer and start making the eportfolio as soon as possible.

Ping Tong Lo

[10 points] My progress of my Eportfolio works pretty well. First, I have finally decided the main theme for my Eportfolio, which is academic progress on Economics and Mathematics; and how does these progresses urge me to acquire something higher and my aspiration on the concept of life. After setting the theme, I started to collect materials which are helpful in presenting my thoughts. So far, I have collected my old Mathematics text score, transcripts and high school mathematics teachers’ comments; and I am going to put this information on my Eportfolio right after an introduction section. Moreover, I am now working on finding some old photos from high school to show how my old life was and why didn’t I had the same life and aspiration as I do today. This is not an easy part since I need to contact my old friends in Hong Kong and ask for the photos and hopefully, their comments on my growth. I believe this process may take at least one more week to finish.
At the same time, I will put my attention on the college works in Economics and Mathematics studies. The very first thing I have to do is to find out my tests performance in classes, especially the Math classes. After collecting all these figures, I will paraphrase some of my thoughts in my dairy during these days and let the evaluators see how did I growth and overcome the adversities. Finally, I will post my current Math and Economics teachers’ comments on it (of course with their prior permission).
Finally, I will give some of my current writings and my personal statement examples (college application) as references for my current thoughts. Surely, I will type a long (maybe not really long) essays about all my thoughts on my academic transition and my latest realization of life on the Eportfolio. Hopefully, all these works can be finished before the final week; tomorrow, I have already planned to spend several hours to design my Eportfolio layout. [SCOTT: sounds like a fascinating ePortfolio...can't wait to read it!]


[10 points] I have not started doing my ePortfolio yet. I am still confusing whether I should continue using xanga ( I mean signing up for a new one) for my ePortfolio. I am kind of stuck now since I decided to use Art as the main focus of my ePortfolio with my major is Business. I have talked with some of my friends who are major in areas of Arts and I got many inspirations from them. I began to gather up some of my works in a folder, taking pictures of my drawings using digital camera, and I put all those works in a folder this morning for future use. Also, I am very delighted that my friends in Art majors volunteer to leave me comments when I’m in progress. Another thing is that I am still thinking the format of the ePortfolio. Should I merely put the works there with reflections or should I do it in another format. Images and style are very important for an ePorfolio which focus in Arts. However, I haven’t decided the images for it yet. Honestly, I started to worry now since there are only a couple weeks to go for this quarter and the final ePortfolio is due very soon. With lots of workload from other classes as well, I am planning to make a schedule for my ePortfolio like how much time should I spend each day on it in order to finish it on time with nice works. Aside from art works, I would also like to include some experience in life and inspirations from outside articles. Actually I have an idea about the first post when I read the magazines in the bookstore this morning.

Cassie D-A

[10 points] This is definitely a great way to get us started! I was going to use the Open Source Portfolio system but after having to download multiple items, unzip them, and hoping they didn’t mess up my computer (after having a big problem with Final Cut Pro I’m wary of doing anything weird on my computer, you can check out how I dealt with that problem on my blog) I decided to not use OSP. Hopefully, by the time Foothill figures out how to use the OSP system, Sakai, and Etudes NG together, OSP will be more user-friendly and no downloads will be needed.

Instead of using OSP, I’m going to use the KEEP Toolkit. My mom used this system awhile ago and recommended that I use it for my ePortfolio. I created an account last night and started messing around with uploading images and typing in text to see how fast, user-friendly, and easy the tool was. It seems pretty easy at the moment! I haven’t tried uploading any video clips but I know I will want to do that soon since having video in my ePortfolio is important to me and to the focus of my ePortfolio.

I have all the items I want to put in my ePortfolio on my laptop but I’ll need to make some videos into Quicktime files and maybe search around iPhoto for some pictures I want. When I have my ePortfolio almost finished I’m going to ask a number of different people to comment on my ePortfolio. Some of the people I’m going to ask are: MaryLou Heslet (counselor), Kris Samarov (counselor), Kristin Tripp Caldwell (digital video instructor), Frank Cascarano (math instructor), Brian Lewis (English instructor), Dr. Herman Ohme (educational consultant), Liz Abrams-Morley (my aunt, writer, English instructor, and poet), Drew Dara-Abrams (my brother and Cognitive Science Ph.D student at UCSB), Michael Bischoff (my mom’s colleague in Germany), Rebecca Bischoff (my friend from Germany, daughter of Michael Bischoff), Malte Dreyer (another of my mom’s German colleagues), Benay Dara-Abrams (my mom and cofounder of a collaborative community service provider), Alec Dara-Abrams (my dad and computer scientist at Sony Electronics), and Scott Lankford.

The way I’m going to ask them to comment on my ePortfolio is by sending each of them an email with a link to my ePortfolio in the KEEP Toolkit. Also, in the email I’m going to give them a link to a blog post on my blog that has questions that I’d like them to address and consider. For them to answer questions and give comments, I’ll ask them to click the comment button on that specific blog post. On my ePortfolio I will have a link to that blog post so reviewers can see others’ comments and make comments and answer the questions themselves.

I’m thinking that not everyone on my list will be able to comment by March 26th, the due date of the ePortfolio. Is that okay if not all of them comment by that date?

I’m enjoying exploring KEEP and organizing my materials. I’m looking forward to adding more materials and I know I will be doing that soon since the ePortfolio is due in a couple weeks!


[10 points--sorry you had such a frustrating time with all those "other" platforms!] I had already created an e-portfolio when we had to analyze other e-portfolios back in the first couple of weeks. I felt that my previous e-portfolio -- “pupil pages” was a bit too easy to create and that’s why I wanted to really challenge myself and experience something a but harder. I told myself – “after all, THIS IS an honors class!” So I decided that I would research a little more about e-portfolios and really “get into the grove” of it! So I went through a couple of great sites and I would recommend these to any one who is hard hit on how to begin on this heavily weighed assignment –




These three were great but I came across “angel learning.” (http://www.angellearning.com/)

[SCOTT: wow, thanks Avianash!! I checked these all out and posted about my results on my own Research Blog. You're an A+ "research assistant" already!]

It wasn’t just the name that caught my eye; it was that I could do so many things with this utility. So I thought about registering and getting an account. I was AMAZED about how many features they had on their “demo” account. I was very impressed. They really turned my head! There were SO many things that I could add -- a news section, a calendar, a banner, a calculator, my announcements and the list went on and on!

It was too good to be true, I knew it! After I worked on my layout and thought up my plan on how to create the “perfect e-portfolio” I ran across this message –

Welcome to the ANGEL 7 beta preview course
You have Course Assistant rights in the Sample Pharmacology Course. You can view all content and reports, but cannot change or upload your own materials. You can also log into this course as a student with the username "studentdemo" and the password "angel".

Yup, the old “you can view all content… but can’t change or upload your own materials” message! I it had to be too good to be true. Now that I found out that this one was not totally “free” I thought I should try something which sounds a lot “free’er.” Then I came across, Open Source Portfolio (http://www.osportfolio.org/). I figured, well, it DOES say “open source” so I tried it. I went through the same process -- register, activate, use! There it was – the chance that I had been waiting for, the all powerful “create a presentation” button, and what do I get in exchange for my enthusiasm?

‘Authorization failed for function osp.presentation.create on object 1116456408799-26’

So, at that point of my e-portfolio project, the good old “pupil pages” didn’t seem a bad idea! But I was and am still determined to find somethin new and exciting. So I decided that I would try and find something which looks, feels and works well.

This is what I have to report so far. It’s almost as if I had taken two steps forward but in the opposite direction!

PS – now I’m trying something called “foliotek” (http://www.foliotek.com/) *Hope this one ‘works’!*

Robin Angell

[10 points] I have not done very much towards finishing my e-portfolio. I’m not sure exactly why that is. It’s not like I’ve been unbearably busy lately. I guess I’m just not thinking about finals yet. I still can’t believe it’s already March 12th! It feels like March just started yesterday.

So far I have thought about maybe just using a Xanga site for my e-portfolio and maybe using a notepad side instead. I don’t have any high-tech things to include in my e-portfolio site so I think either of those will work well. I really have to fiddle around with it a little more to be sure though.

The other step I have taken towards completing my e-portfolio is deciding which of my essays and papers I want to include in my e-portfolio. Just tonight I put all of the Word documents I want included into a folder I called “E-Portfolio.” The papers were from English, Child Development, Interpersonal Communications, and Spanish. Putting everything into a folder was my goal that I made for myself yesterday so at least I finished something I guess.

I have my humanities subjects pretty much ready to go, but I haven’t done anything yet for my math and science sections. Well, actually, I did do something. I decided on what kind of items I would like to include, I just haven’t put it together yet. For math I want to include some of the problems I have worked out. I am not sure how I will get the math symbols onto the computer though. That is another thing I am going to have to figure out. For science I want to write out concepts I know in my own words.

I know I have not done as much as I should have towards finishing my project and I still have a lot more left to do, but at least I have started.

Shawn Saxena

[10 points] I probably needed something like this to really get me going. With each research project I get lots of ideas about what I want to do with my e-portfolio, but I haven’t actually started to create a real tangible product. Part of the problem is just choosing a platform. I feel like once I pick one and set it up, things will start to flow a lot faster. Also, it’s the whole online portfolio is still a little weird, and since it isn’t as natural, I doesn’t come as easy. I’m sure not being able to choose a platform is some sort of form of my procrastination. As for now, I’ll just continue compiling ideas and writing to actually put in whatever eportfolio I decided to choose. It looks like signing up for a couple different ePortfolios seems to be pretty effective. I can really try each one out and get a good feel of which one I like best (and which one’s don’t work at all). I also need to get some materials (pictures, scanner) and some other resources to add to my portfolio so that it isn’t too boring and completely text based. I figure I should start on that now so it actually gets done. So basically the writing part of it is coming a lot better than the actually product I’ll need to turn in, but hopefully once I get going they’ll come together and I’ll really be on my way. This assignment is probably what I needed most.

Cheryl Sundheim

[5 points. This looks like great progess so far. I'm pleased/amused to see how your "worries" have shifted!]
I’m glad to have at least some progress to report. The last Research Project for week 7-8 was really helpful in getting some concrete ideas down. Of course that was the whole idea! So this is where I am. I have opened user accounts with two platform sources, KEEP Toolkit and eportfolio.org. Luckily for me, Cassie read my last research post. I had looked at her ePorfolio from last year and liked it. I thought it might make sense to use the same platform she did because it worked, and she could answer questions about it. But I mistakenly thought she had used the Open Source that Foothill was supporting. She told me that in fact it had presented too many problems and she used KEEP instead. I looked at that site, and it is free, so I signed up. I haven’t figured out how to actually get started with it however. The screen at the beginning seems to be all about photographs. (Cassie, are you reading this? Any suggestions?) Eportfolio.org offers a free 30 day period for guest users, and if you sign up as an individual, it is $24 for one year. Eportfolio has a “wizard” that helps you set everything up, and their tech support is available by phone, fax, or email. I had contacted them a month ago during our week 2 project and the response time was impressive. This support service makes them attractive to me. I have again emailed their tech support to make sure I have a compatible browser, etc. because even though they list the requirements clearly, I’m not sure about exactly what I have. I will use one of these two platforms, and am leaning towards eportfolio.org.

My progress on content is still mostly in the conceptual stage. But after getting the feedback on my ‘blueprint’ post, I am narrowing the scope of what I am going to put in my ePortfolio. I can hardly believe that I have gone from being so worried about what I could use for content to being worried about trying to put in too much. The other major change for me is that I am actually looking forward to doing this and wish there was more time to devote to it. I anticipate that I will pay for an account at the end of my trial period and spend some time this summer expanding and improving the project. My concept is now kind of like a flagstone pathway. I will enter items from where I stand right now, Foothill - work from classes, tennis team items, and some writing or reflections on some of the experiences I have had. Time permitting, I will take one step forward and add how I anticipate using some of the things I have been learning in the near future. If I have more time after completing that, I will take one step back on the pathway and put in some info on how I got here. My biggest concern is having technical difficulties.

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