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Daniel Lafrentz

[10 points] 1) I think that for my ePortfolio i'm going to make it a "writing based" ePortfolio. because not all of the writing of mine that i'm really pleased with has been done in school. so i could include academic papers i'm really proud of, as well as some creative writing samples i had to write when applying to my transfer schools. the different areas of my life that the writings come from could show a diverse area of interest and varied writing styles for each one. seeing the different personalities coming through in different writing styles could show multiple (although not all) dimensions of my personality more than what is expressed through our 'comments' and blog posts. i think that i like the idea of using an ePortfolio as a "get to know me" personality exposition via the writings that i have amassed in my academic and non-academic career. some of the best stuff i've written was for fun or for something non-school related and i think could definitely have a place on my future ePortfolio. BY allowing people a chance to get to know me through my writings it could make my portfolio good for interviews, applications, and archiving my own stuff as a back up in case i lose it at home. that way it's beneficial for me and those who don't know me (and hopefully will).

2) Most of the items posted on my ePortfolio will be academic papers, like the one i'm almost finished with for poli sci about the Israeli Defense Wall, screenplays for short films i've done, short stories like one based on this guy i knew who went to military school, and maybe even random blog posts, as an outlet for random thoughts, or as a creative 'notepad'. All the information posted will come from all different sources and directions and hemispheres of the brain. to supplement them i'm thinking of including pictures to illustrate the theme of each post, something that encapsulates the feeling of it or shows something that happens in the writing. also what i definitely want to include is something about music, maybe have a link to a cd i'm currently listening to (van halen II at the moment) and have a couple tracks be able to be played on my portfolio, or possibly background music that plays quietly (like wallpaper, its decoration not the focus) that i can change easily day to day to reflect my mood or whatever group or artist i'm infatuated with at the moment. also i MAY try to include video clips depending on how easy it is to upload and play them because having writing, music, pictures, and video i think would be great to have on an ePortfolio. it could give it that attention grabbing and holding power to keep viewers interested and coming back.

3) as comments go, i think i want to invite people to comment on a case by case basis. beyond the people in this seminar and dr. scott, if people want to look at my ePortfolio i think i should at least need to be made aware of who is looking at my portfolio. i'm not sure if i can make it so that they need to say where they are commenting from (like foothill college, or some place i'm applying for a job, etc.) just so people cant tell me that i'm a big jerk anonymously or whatever. positive feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always welcome and then knowing the source can just be a convenient piece of information to have. the anonymity afforded by the internet can make it really tempting for people to leave nasty remarks and i'd like the avoid that if i could. i suppose at first i could invite a few people i know to check out my portfolio and leave a few words. maybe my mom, my best friend, friends i collaborate with on outside of school projects (film partners etc.) and see what i get back. then as time goes on maybe open it up to groups of people who have similar interests, who knows...

4) ok so for my very first ePortfolio, i'm going to be a bit of a coward and use something like typepad, because i like the way this seminar was able to be set up under this platform. it seems like the options given to people who use it are very versatile, pictures, links, downloads, all look relatively easy, and i have a feeling music and video wouldn't be too difficult to add in there either. for this first one i want to use a platform that i'm semi familiar with just so i'm sure to get it right for this seminar, because i care that it turns out well. the only other platform i might use is blogger, because i have my blgo through them and i could link the two and not have to start a new blog, i could just the same one which would be kind of cool. my only qualms with them are that they are not music and video compatible (as far as i know) which is something i really want to include on my ePortfolio. the deciding factors in which service i'm going to use will be options allowed, and ease of use and construction. i'm all about stuff that is user friendly...

Toni Murphy

[40 points] My husband and I have managed and performed in a Bluegrass band for the past 10 years or so, and have been on a little hiatus from performing for a couple of years. Although we are eager to return to the stage in the future, our promotional material is seriously outdated and needs a complete makeover. If I were to create an eportfolio for our band, it would move us one step closer to performing again. [SCOTT: this is a wild idea, but I love it] As the band’s manager, promotion and securing gigs has always been my job, and this assignment may just provide me the motivation needed to update our “promo” package using a completely different format! It might be interesting to specifically design a band eportfolio, because I assume I can add sound clips and photos.

I’m not sure which eportfolio platform would lend itself best to this type of content. Will we actually be able to access these platforms? I really like the simplicity of Pupil Pages, and I registered for a trial site. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to access my “trial site.” A Pupil Pages representative emailed me offering assistance, but we have not connected as of yet. Scott, what do you think about this platform? I guess my second choice would be the Foothill eportfolio platform, but quite frankly, I’m intimidated by it. I also contacted Epsilen, but they initially informed me they don’t allow anyone access unless their email address ends in “edu.” Later, someone from Epsilen emailed me that they would allow me to try the site, but the page link in the email came up as an error message “page unavailable.” Would it be safer to just use the Foothill platform?

Anyway, with regard to a “blueprint” . . . .
A complete (eportfolio) promotional packet should include most of the following:
1) A band history
a. Band Logo or current band promotional photo
b. Musical influences
c. Past promotional photos with old band members
d. Early photos of my husband and myself jamming
2) Biographies on each individual band member
a. Links to information about other bands in which our members perform
3) Past performances
a. Photos from past performances
4) Reviews and publicity
5) Full-length CD (samples for an eportfolio)
6) Band promotional photo (omit if used in outline item #1)
7) List of products for sale
8) Contact Information
9) Possibly include a section of the increasing popularity of Bluegrass music for promoters/venues that do not typically book Bluegrass bands
10) Wedding specific section

The most important section will be the band’s history. We’ve never included old promotional photos previously, because there didn’t seem to be any reason to do so. Promoters usually need a current photo to include in advertisements for an event. But, in electronic format, adding old photos might be interesting to prospective promoters, especially if they happen to be familiar with any of our former band members and their respective musical style or proficiency. You never know- it might help us snag a gig, (or it could produce a negative result, too)! It might be nice to display a visual of how the band has evolved. I need to give this more thought. Since my husband and I started the band, managed it, and produced the band’s CD, I may add a few photos of he and I jamming pre-band just for personal interest. Again, I need to give this more thought, as well. Perhaps this will render the eportfolio too personal, and detract from its professionalism. Although, we don’t make a living playing Bluegrass per se, we do charge a standard fee for performing, and have always treated it as a small business.

The band member biographies section may prove a bit challenging, as I’ll need to obtain updated information from the individuals involved, specifically, who’s playing with whom these days. I think locating my data on past performances will take some digging as well. (Ugh!) However, this section is somewhat vital as it provides credibility to the band, and relevant information for promoters, who might consider hiring us. Locating and sorting this information can help me devise a marketing plan in getting us booked again in familiar venues. With regard to reviews and publicity, I think I can scan published reviews or articles written about the band (of which there are few), then cut and paste them into the eportfolio. Will I need to convert them into a Word file first?

If I go so far as to include an article or data for outline item #9, I’ll need to do some research- perhaps peruse the IBMA’s website, or contact them directly for the specific data. I know they’ve publicized statistics related to the growing popularity of Bluegrass music in past years.

The Wedding specific section could include fee per hour with breaks, equipment fees, maximum performance length guidelines, various options on providing ceremony music and/or music for the reception, and deposit and cancellation policy. I may post a sample contract . . . .

Finally, how much audio content should be included? Samples of a variety of cuts, including a barn-burner (that means really, really fast), cry in your beer slow song, and an instrumental . . . .? Yikes, I realize I have quite a bit of content to obtain, access, or find. Better get busy.
Toni Murphy


[40 points] Q # 1 . My overall focus of my Eportfolio will be " My Academic Accomplishments in English at Foothill College". The reason I pick English rather than any other subjects is that I am really interested in English. I even plan on pursuing a minor degree in English. ( But it is so tough). I took a lot of Engish classes at Foothill College so my records will be more feasible. Another reason is that I have noted that my Enlighsh proficiency has improved a lot after I came to America. I am not boasting that I am now perfect in English or anything, but I have made a progress in my English learning, at least from zero to one. I would like to share how my process of English learning with you all, and since this is an English class, why not English?
I am borne in Hong Kong, an international financial and commerical centre of the world, English is needed in Hong Kong to get a good job and advantage against other competitors. I learnt English since I was 6 years old. English has been in my life for a long time. I would definitely include my high school records of work so that I can show you how English has been in my life and how much improvement I have been able to make during my years of learning English. I would definitely share some of my experiences in working to let you know how essential English is to me, and what I have gained with my minimum ability to communicate in English. I would also include other classes that have improved and changed my perspective and proficiency in English as well, like a public speaking class and a leadership class. I hope that with all these work you would see my main focus: my process of English learning and my accomplishments in English academic studies.

Q 2. First, I would include some of my high school English essays, projects and books that I had in my high school classes. Secondly, I would show my essays, research projects, from my main english classes: ESL 26, Engl 1BH, Engl 1A. Then I would show some of my interesting facts and notes and coursework from different kinds of English classes that I've taken: Engl 23H, Engl 34H, Engl 48B, Engl 11H, Spch 1A. With these examples, I would show my learning process of English at Foothill College. I would also share some of my experiences and difficulties that I have encountered with the English classes that I had. I would try to add more interest factors ( as taught in Public Speaking class), like humor, interesting essays, quotes, pictures, videoclips, powerpoints, photos and so forth. I would try to put in some daily conversations that were about the tricks and wordings of English to make it more funny and interesting to read. I would look for different resources, like "books of the day" or "quotes of the day" and link to other resources about my English studies. Perhaps some resources and softwares on how I do my research will be a good idea too.
I would try to compose some interesting quotes and postings like the ones I did in my personal blog, " interview with professors", " types of learning", " reflections on what is English to me" to give more reflections on the certain state of my feelings towards English.

Q3. I have been thinking about this problem for a while. i would try to invite my favorite professor Eric Treanor to give the first comment on my portfolio, or maybe give a little posting to mark the beginning of my portfolio. Then, I would invite all professors, friends from Hong Kong and all over the world, classmates from this class and all other English classes that I've taken to leave comments and view my portfolio. For my friends in Hong Kong, I would invite my best friend from my high school , Mandy to take a look at my work. Then I would invite my another best friend in Australia to leave another comment as well. For friends in the United States, I would definitely invite my best friends, Henry, Ruby, Jun, as well as my roommates and other friends to come and leave comments. As all of them are really busy with their work, I hope I can get a few of them leave some valuable comments for me. I might consider letting anyone to read my portfolio and leave comments, unless severe and improper and insulting comments are received. ( I hope not).

Q:4. After I have done the assignment week 8, I think I might go for a simple word type portfolio. It is easier, it is more handy, it is clearly and more direct for anyone like me, a beginner to the computer and technological knowledge of the world to read it. I might consider have a few slides of powerpoint like the Quest to add more fun to the portfolio, but I would stick to the basic and classic form of an Eportfolio. It will thus not make people preoccupied with other assets like the music, the videoclips, the photos, and the slides, but have a more easy and direct focus on my English accomplishements and coursework and improvements that I have made. I would not make the Eportfolio into many links and buttons. I would try to stick to one or two loading pages so that readers wont feel lost and dizzy after changing so many pages and links.

Katja Broddesson

[40 points] Question # 1:
My ePortfolio will be based on various writings for different reasons. Primarily, I think writing is a skill that touches all aspects of life and reaches across the curriculum. As writing is my primary creative expression, I also think it would be interesting to put my own work out there, although I am not yet sure if I am brave enough to include poetry or fiction of mine, or any “unprompted” work. I have in mind to include examples of my written work from different classes, not just English, to show versatility and comfort with language. For instance, I am writing a research paper right now in a different class that I hope/feel will be good enough to include.

I am a little apprehensive about including my private life in my portfolio, however there are aspects I would like to include. For example, I would like to speak to my leadership experience as a Girl Scout leader.

It will be a challenge to decide what to focus on. Selfishly, I think I am a fairly interesting person with a lot to offer, which is something I will have to tone down considerably.

Question # 2:
Like previously mentioned, I plan to include the Poli/Sci research paper I am currently working on. Additionally, I would like to include my best literature papers from previous English classes; one on "The Faerie Queene" comes to mind, as does a short paper on Jonathan Swift, identifying him as a misanthrope. I have a set of compare and contrast-papers on Flannery O’Connor that I am thinking of including. The first version was a dud and got an IP and the re-write was brilliant and got an A, however I am not certain that it would be OK to include “poor” work, even if it serves to prove a point. What do you think? [I think if well-presented this could work: showing you can learn from mistakes and grow]

I do not have much collected work to pull from, so I am concerned I will find it hard to flesh out my ePortfolio.

For the other aspects of my life, I could include a photo essay or slide show of my “European” life. Including specifics pertaining to my former extensive, but incomplete, academic career seems distracting. In terms of Girl Scouting, it may be fun to include an annual calendar of events, photos and maybe even comments from “my” girls or their parents. I could also list my extensive and diverse training in dealing with young girls from very different backgrounds.

If I do include links I would like them to speak to who I am and what I am all about. If there were no consequences to my actions (in an ideal world) I would include links to: the Huffington Post, Girl Scouts of Santa Clara County, WIC, the Slow Food Movement and La Leche League (and maybe Cooking with Amy!), and potentially a few more. Is it possible to make the portfolio too personal? I really want a professional product, that is my goal. [consider making different portfolios for different audiences and different purposes?]

Question # 3:
Already, I have asked Anne Paye (Eng. Dept.) to contribute to my portfolio as well as Dr. Duane Hinders (Statistics teacher). Ms. Paye has responded to me and agreed to contribute to the final product (yay!). I have not heard from Dr. Hinders yet, but I will re-email him sometime this week. The reason I chose Ms. Paye is because she rocks and I learned so much from her (I had never written a paper in English before I took her ENG 1A-H course). The same could be said for Dr. Hinders. I was terrified of Math due to traumatic childhood experiences, but he was on my side from the start. His class is super-hard and he does not let any one slip through the cracks no matter what your experiences are. He pushed me because he knew I had it in me. I think a comment from him, would add to the versatility I want to emphasize in the portfolio.

Additionally, I have thought of a couple of other people that usually have nice things to say about me and/or my work. Still undecided, I am leaning towards my husband’s aunt, a Harvard educated woman who works for the Women’s Bureau and my Poli/Sci professor. Ideally, I would like to invite people who will not seem biased, but still know me. They also need to be professional.

Question # 4:
Of course I am leaning towards going with my findings in Research Project # 2, and sticking with Epsilen ePortfolio Environment. [alas, we've all discovered that you need an "edu" email to use this product] I did look at three options for that assignment and Epsilen was the one I was interested in the most. I think it might be a good idea to go back to that assignment and re-read all the findings of my fellow students to see what they came up with, maybe I missed some interesting alternatives.

Wow, it seems as though I just did a whole bunch of work towards the finished product! I am so proud of myself!

Meera Parbhakar

[a bit short, but I'll give you 40 points for thoughtfulness] 1. I think that I will base my e-portfolio on my writing career. [SCOTT: Great idea!] The biggest reason behind this choice is simply that writing is my absolute favorite thing to do and I have many samples that I could include. I also feel this would be a good way for anyone looking at my e-portfolio to understand me a little bit better as a person. I could include essays on various topics as well as some old blogs from my Xanga site and articles that I wrote for my high school newspaper. Also, on a more selfish level, this assignment will provide me with a great opportunity to dig up some of the things I have written in the past and it would definitely be interesting for me to read some of my older stuff. Furthermore, I think that I may want to get my masters in journalism and work for a paper, and this would be just a great way to consolidate all my work. Perhaps I could even use this e-portfolio sometime in the distant future when applying for a job.

2. I would definitely include some papers that I have written this quarter for my English 1A class, as I really like some of the work I have done and it would probably be the most up to date material that I have. I would also like to include some big essays I wrote in my English AP class during high school. We read a lot of difficult material and many of my essays for that class were my analysis of the novels. I also wrote for my high school newspaper and would definitely try to dig up some old articles that I wrote. This would be a good way to show a different style of writing. I also think I may include some blogs. I think that this would be a great way for a reader of my e-portfolio to gain some insight into the kinds of things that I think about the things that I believe in. My blogs are definitely the most honest pieces I that I write and they show what I can do with just a blank slate.

3. I honestly wouldn’t mind having anyone at all comment on my e-portfolio. I definitely would appreciate all the thoughts on my work I can get, but would like to find a way to approve people’s comments before they are actually posted so that I don’t get any weird people commenting. I would probably invite Harold Farmer, my English 1A instructor to comment on my work. I have a lot of respect for him as a teacher and as a writer in his own right and definitely would be interested in what he would have to say about things that I have written outside his class. I think I may invite my Dad to also comment. He has always been pretty interested in what I write and I have him read a lot of what I do. It’d be nice to formally have him critique my work. Beyond that, I can’t really think of many more people I would invite. I would certainly want Dr. Scott and all of the other people in the seminar to look at my e-portfolio, and I think that’s about it, for now at least.

4. I think I am going to use Epsilen for my final product. It seems pretty straightforward and I like that they really emphasize the fact that you can update and keep your account for the rest of your life. I think I could probably do a bit more research regarding some different platforms, but for now the simplicity of Epsilen is definitely appealing. Perhaps after making me e-portfolio with them I could switch over to a more exciting program, but it’ll be a good place to start, I think.

Valentino Lin

[40 points] 1) My overall focus of my eportfolio will be on “My Leadership Achievement in Associated Students of Foothill College." [SCOTT: wonderful idea!] A couple of reasons lay for choosing this aspect. Firstly, besides the military service achievements that I achieved in Singapore when I was serving my duty, I felt that the other stage that I learned, matured and achieved the most is during my time with student government. Secondly, in crafting an eportfolio about my latest achievements in student government will be most useful if needs arise to present my resume to universities or internship corporations. Thirdly, my experience with student government and its members is a privilege that provided me with diversity, exposure and interactions to new perspectives, which students at large, forgo if they are not with student government. Another purpose of this topic is for me to commemorate those who stood by me, gave me faith and guidance, and trusted me in my leadership, as they watch my growth process from a Finance agent to Vice-President of Finance. On the whole, this eportfolio will serves not only as a collection of achievement, but also a reflection of my growth, memories at Foothill, and the wonderful moments with fellow leaders.

2) Considering the apparatus for my eportfolio would be the most enjoyable part of the whole process and I would like to include everyone in student government. Firstly, the pictures of student government members will be my first consideration. They will consist of people who have affected my life directly, the team building activities that we took part in and conferences with students from other colleges. Next, I will list the achievements that I have accomplished in student government. Accompanying next will be the work/events that I have planned when I was involved (and I still do). I will also incorporate humor into my eportfolio using the nick that I was given during my term as a Fundraising Coordinator in Winter 2005. Another interesting part of my eportfolio is the exclusive interview of a personal friend in student government who has walked similar path, a path from rejection to the top positions in student government. Outside student government, I will include some personal favorite motivational quotes that guided me through tough times in which I hope it would inspire those who read it. For the finality touch, I will include a link to a personality test which allows those who know me to describe my personality.

3) As my eportfolio is about my life in student government, the members of Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) will be my first group of viewers. But priority would be given to the student body President and Vice-Presidents as they are the ones who I have worked with for the longest period of time. Their comments will be most valuable as they are the people whom I work and interact most with. Their opinions of me would be valuable as it would strengthen the credibility of my eportfolio. Then I would invite my most respected professor, Dr. Sid Davidson. I respect him dearly and his opinions are valuable to me on a personal level. For my friends in Singapore, I will invite three of my best friends whom I have known and spent most of my time with. They know me inside out and will be few of the best people to evaluate me. For my friends in the United States, I would invite my best friends, Joyce, Marie, Kee Hoon, and Marvin to leave some comments. For the finale, I would like to invite three Honors Students, Andrew, Anna and Avinash to comment on my eportfolio. Hmmm, interesting, their names all begin with the character A. But that was not the reason for this choice. It is because we have comment on each others blog work before in previous assignment. I enjoy their feedback and would like their recommendations.

4) As the portfolio trend heading towards eportfolios, more and more eportfolio platforms emerge in the market. With more than hundreds to choose from, there will not be a lack of choices. However, too many makes it hard for me to choose the platform I would want to use too. Thus, I would choose those from the recommended from “helpful hints”. As I browsed those platform, three of those; epsilon, europortfolio and open source portfolio system attracted me to further explore those. I like Epsilen for its simplicity, however this platform seems a quite unstable. I was able to explore Epsilen for a few moments SCOTT: unfortunately, it turns out you need an "edu" email to use this service]. After a while, an error message kept appearing and I couldn’t continue exploring. Another drawback for Epsilen is that Epsilen requires an education email address as it is in a beta trial version. Thus, I would advice honor students who are interested in using Epsilen to reconsider their choice. My next choice is Europortfolio. Its sophistication and ambition goals seek my urge to use this platform. This platform is totally profession and I am sure I will gain a lot of experience to create my eportfolio. However, the only drawback is that there is a fee for the use of iwebfolio. Thus, this hinders my choice. My third choice will be the Open Source Portfolio System (OSPS). This platform might mostly be my ultimate choice as it designed for future Foothill College students. During my use of this platform, I could provide feedback, pros and cons, to improve the platform for future Foothill usage. Since this platform can benefit me (the user) as well as future students, there is nothing better than benefiting the best of both worlds.

Stephanie Wijaya

#[40 points] 1: I’ll probably create an eportfolio about literary works I encountered that left a deep impression on me. [SCOTT: of course as an English professor I love this idea -- but don't forget it needs some of your work, too -- such as papers or poems about these authors] I came to appreciate literature more when I began to take English classes in Foothill. I think that may be because of the fact that the teachers here do not give us the pressure to adopt their sophisticated way of thinking. They really guide us to analyzing the literature texts in a more critical way by encouraging class discussions, and they never tell you that you’re wrong right in your face. I like the text that I had for Engl 1a, titling, “Best American Essays of the Century” as well as some of those poems and this novel I have for my Engl 1B class now, titled, “The Things They Carried”. I am impressed at how these writers view this world and share their opinions with us through writing stories with such flair. There are not many books that I have finished reading outside class because I guess I’m a kinesthetic learner, I’m not an avid reader; I have to force myself to imagine what those writers are really saying, otherwise I can continue reading the whole chapter without actually understanding the meaning. But whatever it is, I do like literature. And in my eportfolio, I think I’ll include my response to those literary works I found interesting as well as other essays or novel I read outside class, and other texts that I had back in secondary school.

#2: First, I will write an introductory paragraph explaining the reasons I set up the eportfolio. I’ll probably include things like a few of my essays that relates to the literary works. [SCOTT: this is just what I mentioned earlier! glad you thought of it already...] So I’ll probably insert hyperlinks to my essays. And I’ll write 2-3 paragraphs of my opinion about the book and how they have affected my view about this world for those works without essays. In this way, people will roughly get the idea of the essence of the works. Besides that, I think I’ll insert pictures of the authors as well as the books themselves beside the column where I would write my opinions. Aside from that, I think I’ll also include video clips that illustrate the works of the authors as well. Because by then, the audience will get a clearer picture of those literary works. I think it would be a good idea to include critics and praises for the works in quotes. So one page will dedicated to the work itself, if it’s a poem, I’ll probably include the poem in there, and beside it, a picture of the writer/poet, followed by my opinion. I may include links to good, comprehensive websites that may help my audience to relate to the writers’ backgrounds.

#3: I think people who should provide “comments” and “reviews” of my eportfolio items are those who are close to me, like my good friends, and those who have more experience and views regarding literature, like say, my secondary school literature teacher, as well as people I know that are avid readers. As for professors in Foothill, honestly I don’t have any instructors whom I am so fond of with, but if I have to invite two others, then I’ll probably go for my English 1B teacher, Kella, and maybe if he is willing to, then I’ll be glad to invite my physics teacher, Cascarano. What I like about Kella is her open-mindedness to new ideas, and I believe that her comments would be helpful for my future learning. As for Cascarano, I don’t know if he has any interests in literature or whatever, but the main reason I choose him is because I think he is one of the few nicest teachers in Foothill who really dedicates himself to his profession as a teacher who teach, and make sure his students understand. And as for honors students from this class, there is no doubt that everyone is welcome, especially my dear friends, Andry, Ronald, and William.

#4: I think I’ll go for Hyde Elementary School eportfolio system. [SCOTT: oops, I'm not sure that's a "system" or that it is open to us. But you could use it as a model] I like the idea of arranging the links to the displayed works at the bottom. But as what I’ve said in my research project #2, I think I’ll replace those links with thumbnails and arrange them in horizontal order at the bottom of my homepage. And in the centre, on top of all the thumbnails, will be my intro paragraph and links to relevant websites, as well as a tagboard at the side for people to post comments and respond to others’ posts. So, when people clicked on a thumbnail, a new pop up window will appear that directs them to the specific literary work. And in each of the page, there would be a comment space for the audience. So, basically, my homepage will consist of a horizontal box stretching from one end to another at the centre – that consists of my intro, tagboard and links – and thumbnails placed next to the other at the bottom. I’ll find new ways to improve the eportfolio to make it more user-friendly.

Ping Tong Lo

[40 points] Question 1: The overall focus of my Honors eportfolio will be about my academic progress from high school to Foothill College, and most importantly, the mind, aspiration and career goal which I have developed in these two years in Foothill College will be my main focus.[SCOTT: Love the idea of including "asprirations"-- the future as well as the past] As far as I have posted, I am an economics major and hoping to pursue graduate study in economics right after my undergraduate study, and I wish to be a professor and a leader to fight against poverty in the Third World countries. Everything of my aspiration sounds something really big and maybe somehow unreachable. But this is exactly the thing I wish to focus in my eportfolio, I want to show my future employer of admission officers that how my goals and mindset were changed in two years in a community college. Frankly, I did never pass a mathematics class since my 7 grade and I was once thought that I would not study anything related to math anymore in my life. However, the failure in the exams in Hong Kong and had exhausted my parents’ savings to the United States. I started to work hard in math as I know any high education in economics requires good math background. Picking up everything up from some precalculus class, I worked maybe three to four times harder than any else to strive for A. And finally I did. Moreover, I want to show how my mind had changed from being a business major student to a volunteer in many poverty-reduction organizations. These are the things I wish to include in my eportfolio.

Question 2: In an eportfolio to show my progress of being a socially responsible economics major student, I wish to bring a lot of things in my eportfolio. First, I would like to show people my high school transcript which has all failure marks on my math and science subjects. Second, I will follow with my academic result from Foothill College to show my improvement and make it an example of my dedication to be a successful economist. [SCOTT: great idea] Apart from these quantitative examples, I want to attach my personal statement about my academic interests and aspiration. This will help any evaluators to understand more about me from the first hand explanation. Later on, I wish I could be able to attach any comments from my Math and Econ teachers; this will help to assist the evaluators to have a deeper and more objective understanding about me from outside sources. Especially, I hope my first math teacher in Foothill to make comments on my performance and how hard I had tried to be successful in class. Apart from the above qualifications and analysis, I wish to show to my future employers my dedication in those volunteering service with actual examples. I will post the photos which I have taken during my summer in an orphanage in Heng Yeung, China, and I will also try to post pictures and photos from the Microcredit Club I have started during the Fall 2005 to promote poverty-reduction projects.

Question 3: In the comment and review section, ideally, I would like to invite all my friends come and leave me comments because I will find their comments personal and subjective. They have first hand experience from working with me, talking with me and maybe formulating many thoughts with me. Therefore, one the one hand, my close friend’s comments will help to improve the unity my overall presentation of my academic and career goals; on the others, their comments will carry certain weight on my daily life, to check whether my life is going too far from my aspirations. Of course, all many of them will come and leave me comments. But fortunately, some of my friends are in this class and it will be easier to have certain number of comments from them. Secondly, I will invite my Math and Econ professor to leave me comments and reviews my academic performance in class to the public. Since my progress in striving excellence in Math and Econ is one of the main themes in my eportfolio, I will be more than happy to have their valuable reviews on my performance and comments about my career goals. Finally, I will surely invite Professor Scott to leave me comments, he is the one who have look and comment on my thoughts about eportfolio and educational philosophy for almost a quarter. Perhaps I have never shared my academic and career aspiration that much with anyone else; therefore, I desperately need his remarks on the overall performance of my eportfolio.

Question 4: Base on everything I have planned so far, I need a platform which is able to upload photos, documents and my personal entries. As far as I know, most eportfolio products are able and effective to do my job; therefore, I am indifferent in choosing any type of eportfolios. However, among many choices, I think I will select the “xanga blog” to conduct my eportfolio. Since I am accustomed to its application and design as I have started to have my personal xanga blog three years ago; moreover, the personal blog which I selected in this class is “typepad”, I have experienced it malfunction sometimes, I think I am not selecting it again this time. I wish to have my eportfolio lay out in white and some other sharp colors; this will create a fresh environment for my blog. In addition, I am considering some clips in my eportfolio to invite different varieties. I am also thinking of making some slides to show the photos and evidence of my extracurricular activities, including the charity trip in Heng Yeung, the club fund raising events on campus…etc. Therefore, xanga will be a good medium to make my eportfolio as it allows quite a lot of photos and video clips upload on the page.

Andry Jong

[40 points] 1. My overall focus in my Honors Institute ePortfolio will be my achievement in my education; specifically in mathematics. [SCOTT: this sounds fascinating] I think I will start from my high-school back in Indonesia. I did not do too many things related to mathematics by that time, but I think that my high-school experience was very meaningful, since it was then when I first learned my interests in Computer Science. I will also include the change in my decision making from getting an Associated Degree in Computer Science to getting a mathematics degree instead. I will include the story of how my interest and ability in mathematics has grown so much comparing to the first time I got here; how I was so lazy when I was still studying Calculus, and how right now, I can stay for four hours straight without food, drinks, nor talk doing mathematical problems. Including my involvement for the student government in Foothill College in my ePortofolio, I think, is a very good idea. However, I think it is also a good idea to put in my personal statements, like those essays that I have sent to my universities in my Honors Institute ePortfolio. I think those universities have asked me very good questions about my strengths, weaknesses, and also my interests.

2. I believe it is very hard to make essay, research paper, or lab report in explaining my interest in mathematics. What can I write? What can I search? What lab can I report? I do not think I can express this subject with any of the media either. Even though I have seen a very good movie about mathematics, I doubt I can find it anywhere online. One good approach that I can come up with right now is to explain the basic purpose of the subject. [SCOTT: wonderful idea]For instance: The main purpose of learning Calculus is basically only to understand the fact that "straight line is a lot simpler than curvy lines" (I took this definition from my Calculus teacher, John Sawka). Then, I can explain why we have to learn how to differentiate and integrate functions; and how to actually do and apply those methods of differentiation and integration. After that, I might be able to elaborate more things, which I do not know yet. However, I definitely will include not only mathematics methods in my ePortfolio, but also some programming methods because those are the two of many subjects that I like the most. Most of all, I think I will give out a lot of funcitions!

3. The people who could provide "comments" and "reviews" of my ePortfolio items are basically all the people who have the same interest as I do. However, if I have to invite one or two people to leave comments on my ePortfolio, they will be John Sawka, and Maarten Kalisvaart; both are my mathematics instructors in Foothill College. I want, first and foremost, to invite John Sawka to leave comments in my ePortfolio because I took a lot of his point of view about mathematics. He was the one who motivates me to work hard in my mathematics classes. His interests and pride in mathematics also inspire me a lot. Maarten Kalisvaart is the most energetic mathematics teacher I have ever seen. His energy and enthusiasm inspire me a lot in learning deeper mathematics. If I can just invite two more people to give me comments and reviews in my ePortfolio, those two people will be Harold Farmer and Scott Lankford. They are both English instructor, but that is why I want to invite them. For ePortfolio should looks professional, it is not funny if I have a lot of typos in it. Hence, their comments and corrections will be highly appreciated.

4. I am actually not sure which platform I am going to use for my Honors Institute ePortfolio. In the Project #2, the only two platforms that I were Hyde Elementary School ePortfolio, and DotFolio; and I think both of them did not reflect how an ePortfolio would be in my mind. Like I have stated in my Project #2, they both are too empty. I, however, might be more interested in using the DotFolio system rather than the Hyde Elementary School ePortfolio, not because the Hyde Elementary School ePortfolio is made for elementary students, but more because DotFolio has a specific place to put more details about me. Not that I want to brag about myself, but I think it is suitable for my ePortfolio to show who I really am, both according to me, and according to others. I do not like the fact of DotFolio being too empty, without color and pictures. Hence, I hope for my ePortfolio, I will be able to make it more attractive and fun to play with (by providing some links, even though I do not know yet what links I am going to provide).

Avinash Nayak

[40 points] What do I want my e-portfolio to be like? That’s what I started to think about for this assignment. I laid out my plan and told myself that if I was to create an e-portfolio then I would have to make it about something interesting and easy to understand. I thought about it for a while and while I was researching and getting information about e-portfolio’s I got a great idea! I said to myself – “Why not teach others all about the pro’s and cons of blogging and creating an e-portfolio? Why not tell every one the latest information about blogging?” [SCOTT: what a fascinating and creative concept!] To back this up further I got to know more about blogging and how the “caveman” could use it to his advantage. I found that to have a great e-portfolio I would have to create something very visual and attractive so that the user wouldn’t get board and loose interest. Something that will sickout from all those “boring” e-portfolio’s that the “caveman” might have previously visited. I decided that my e-portfolio should somehow have the edge over the others. To find out what would be the right edge. I decided to compare and contrast other e-portfolio’s on the web to find out who bad or good they are. After an hour or two, I came to a conclusion that a great e-portfolio consists of 5 things --

- Visuals
- Interactive activities
- Useful information
- Easy to navigate
- Simplicity

When I started to look into these five things, it lead me to confusion because, how could I have a visual page if the page needed to be simple? How would I have interactive activities and make it have useful information? How can it be easy to navigate if it has to be interactive? I decided that I would have to set the bar somewhere in the middle and get to know what would be right for the users.

I was worried that I couldn’t make it simple because if I was to keep it simple then it wouldn’t have any pictures or other visuals. The idea was to make somewhat of a “Google” page compared to the pictorial “Yahoo” page. I wanted it to get the same job done but also be easy on the eye. I have some great ideas for the interactive activities. I always felt the need to put ONLY the information that would be USEFUL for the caveman and not a whole lot of stuff that the caveman might not care about. I wanted it to have JUST the right amount of LATEST information about blogging. I was stuck with another problem. How would I get the latest from the web before the caveman does? I haven’t yet answered this question but I think that it would be easier for me to get the latest information because I will know more about the subject than the caveman. I deiced that to be at the tip of my toes about and good and USEFUL information about blogging and e-portfolios. I know, it’s easier said than done. But with the help of Google news and the digg, I think I would have an edge over the people who don’t know much about blogging.

The comments box that I will implement I think would help me because I would get feedback from the users so that I could improve the e-portfolio even more! After I thought about the user comments I thought about who would be visiting my e-portfolio. I thought that it would most probably be students and teachers who are learning or teaching about the subject. I also thought that it could be the average caveman wanting to get into the new wave of blogging and e-portfolios.

So now, time for the blueprint –

Tools needed –
An interest in the subject
The internet

Quote to work by –
Make it so easy that even a “caveman” could use it!

The plan –

About (Why this could help the caveman)
Make sure it’s easy to understand and not greek-and-latin for the caveman.
History (Including many attractive pictures to keep the reader wanting to read more!)
The latest and greatest news (including all the old stories)
Have just the right amount of links (only USEFUL ones)
Make it appealing
Don’t forget to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

One of the most important things for me and the caveman would have to be the information. That, after all is the whole reason that the caveman is there in the first place. The links I think will also be key to the users because it would be a branch for them to research even more about the topic. The single and most important thing for me however is to KISS! With this laid out “blue print” I think I am ready to start the construction!

I don’t want the caveman to “ugh” and my page; I want him to “ooouu” at it! [SCOTT: really enjoyed your creativity in this assignment!]

William Simiadi

[40 points] 1) I think that that my focus for my Honors Institute ePortfolio will be on all my academic accomplishments at foothill. The reason that I choose to focus on this one is because I think that all the things accomplish and learnt in college is an important factor for us. [SCOTT: I agree. How it "all fits together" is crucial] It is also beneficial for me to write all those things as I could always refer back to my eportfolio to see what I have accomplished during my college year. I will also include the point regarding my life outside campus as it also play a major role in helping me accomplish my academic at foothill. I plan to use this eportfolio for a long time; after I graduated from college and even when taking my master degree. Therefore I want this eportfolio of mine to have a complete detail. Also by listing all my accomplishments people could see what I have achieved and get an idea what kind of person am I. People could also refer to my eportfolio and learn something from the way I achieved some of my academic’s accomplishments. I will also include some materials from my high school career. As I am an international student, I want to show the effect of studying abroad and how beneficial it is.
2) In my eportfolios I will certainly have my essays lab reports and other stuff that related to my work to be posted there. I also will post some photos related to my subject as it will make my eportfolio much more interesting. I will also post some of the photos where I participate in certain competition in campus such as the physics Olympic. This help people to really imagine what the situation really like. I will also put some interesting and cool graphic to make it nicer. I will also paste some of the link that I find attractive and motivating and share it with others. I also thinking of putting some background music so people could read and listen to music at the same time. Having some video clips would be a great thing to do. Some funny or interesting clips would attract many people to read my eportfolio. It could be even better if there is a video clip that has something to do with my posting as people could get more insight what I am writing about. I am also thinking to design my post in a certain way that seems attractive. I have not thought which specific way to do it but just like the idea of it. This whole thing combine will create an attention-grabbing eportfolio and that is what I want; many people seeing my eportfolio.
3) I think that at least one professor should give comment and review on my eportfolio. I am thinking of inviting my high school English teacher as someone who will give some comments or reviews on my eportfolio. I choose my teacher because he really helps me a lot during my high school days. He also is a very knowledgeable person with much insight and he has been my best teacher in high school. I will also ask all my friends to take a look at my eportfolios and ask them to fill in the comment. I will not force them to fill in the comment as I don’t think by forcing I will get a valuable comment. I will also them to write the comment or suggestions truthfully. I don’t want them to comment just to make me feel happy. I want to know what they really think of my eportfolio. As I get their true and valuable comment I could improve my eportfolio and have a better one. Last but not least, I also think of inviting my father to comment on my eportfolio as I want to know what he thinks about my academic accomplishment in college.

4) There are many eportfolio platforms to choose from and therefore makes it hard for me to choose which one I’m going to use. But I’ve limited myself to choose from the “12 Quick n' Easy Ways to Explore ePortfolios”. I look at all the 12 of them and I think that there are only two platforms that catch my attention. They are EuroPortfolios initiative for the entire European Union and Hyde Elementary School Eportfolio. The thing that interest me in EuroPortfolios initiative for the entire European Union is that their organization and options. There are navigation, news and upcoming events. I think this option makes it easier for people to browse around. There is also a search box that enables the browser to find specific posting or topic. This could save plenty of time for the browser. I don’t want the people that visit my eportfolio to be confused or wasting their time trying to find something. I want my eportfolio to be easily access and I think that EuroPortfolios is easy access eportfolio. The next platform that interests me is the Hyde Elementary School. The things that interest me is that the way it shows the student’s art and there is also students, parents’, and mentor’s reflection about the student work. This is a good idea as to post mentor’s refection so people could know what exactly the instructors think of my work. I’ll try to find some more ways to make my eportfolio attractive and user-friendly.

Ronald Tan Kiem Seng

[40 points] #1: I think I’m going to create an eportfolio on the science learning that I have had so far. I choose this topic because I’m interested in science a lot which is why I choose my major to be chemical engineering. [SCOTT: I'm eager to see how a "science focus" will work out!] I probably start from my secondary school science learning until my time here in Foothill College. The experience that I have on science learning in Singapore and here in U.S. differs quite a bit for example the topics that are taught and how they are taught. I will include how my interest in science develops and what makes the science learning interesting or boring for me and some of the interesting methods that my teachers have employed to make the class interesting. Other things that I would like to include will probably be science competition or events that I take part in and learning mathematics because mathematics is closely related to science. By doing this, I can show how I learn science to my target audiences; most likely they are the university admission officers and future employers. It will show them the progress that I have made in learning science and the things that I have done that is related to science. Furthermore, since I am taking chemical engineering as my major, I can also include my future works in my eportfolio.

#2: First, I will write an introduction of why I make the eportfolio and the works that I will be including in the eportfolio ie. secondary school and college onwards. I think I will divide the eportfolio into three sections, chemistry, physics and biology because they are different in one another in terms of the topics and how they can be taught. I will try and show the relations between those three subjects. I will include some of the labs that I have done and the lab reports that I have made on them. I think labs are a crucial part in learning science because they are interesting and we can see first hand how a scientific concept works on real life. Photos of the apparatus used in the labs can probably be included in the eportfolio. Other than that, I will include some of the interesting and boring topics that are taught and provide links to websites regarding the topics so readers can have an idea of what the topic is about. Then, I will describe the teaching methods that I received on those topics and I can include some of my assignments/tests on them as well if I still have those.

#3: The people who could provide comments on my eportfolio will be my teachers and my friends. I will invite my secondary school physics teacher, Mr. Mark Wee, because he has made the physics class in my last year of secondary school interesting eventhough out of the three sciences, I prefer it the least. And because of him, I think my physics 4A class here in Foothill has become much easier because some of the topics overlap with the one in secondary school and he has taught me well. As for professors here in Foothill College, I don’t have any that I would really like to invite for comments. But I think, it would be good for the professors who are currently teaching or have taught me before such as Dr. Daley, Dr. Marasco and Dr. Armstrong. It will help them to learn my strengths or weaknesses in learning so they can give me feedback on how I can improve my way of learning. And it might also help them get some ideas of how to make the teaching more interesting because some of the classes are really dull and I often fall asleep here but I rarely do in secondary school. And of course, I would like my friends to comment on my eportfolio too.

#4: I’m going to use Hyde elementary school eportfolio system. The Hyde elementary school eportfolio system is simple yet very appealing. [SCOTT: this is not really a system, but you could try using it as a model] I’m not really fond of the other system of eportfolio because they can be too complex. I would like to present my eportfolio in a simple way so it is easy for the readers to read through them. Furthermore, I think that eportfolio system that is too complex will make the writer deviate from the topics that the writer originally wants to focus on. Also, I think scientific subjects are interesting by themselves so the eportfolio doesn’t need to be embezzled with things to make them more interesting. However, I would like to add more links on the side of the page, because from the example that I have seen from the system, I think it would not be sufficient for my eportfolio. I would like to add a download section to upload files/documents that I think are relevant for my eportfolio.

Judy Chen

[40 points] For my overall focus of my Honors Institute ePortfolio, I really wanted to do something with art and drawing. However, I’m not taking any drawing classes at Foothill, so I don’t have any artwork to post up and analyze. That is why I decided to just go with writing. [SCOTT: since I'm a writing teacher, I like that idea.] Not because like everyone else, think I’m an excellent writer, or want to major in writing, but because I never categorized myself as a ‘good’ writer. But then when I was finalizing my online transcript to send to UC Berkeley a month ago, I realized how many English related classes I had taken, are taking, or going to take. It overwhelms my other academic courses. I felt as if I AM majoring in English. Then I saw the A’s I got in all my English classes, which surprised me even more. What I thought I was good at, such as math (Calculus), I noticed I gotten a B. It hit me how decent, or even good, I am at English. It’s funny how I never got an A on my first essay, but as the class progressed, I improved and earned my final grade. That is why I wanted to focus on writing for this ePortfolio, so I can see how I worked my way up from an ‘okay’ grade to the grade I wanted and deserved. [SCOTT: fantastic idea]

As I was saying, my main focus is to see the process that I improved in my essay writing. So in my ePortfolio will include the multiple essays I wrote during my English 1A and 1B class, from the first to last draft. That way when I read my first draft, I can compare it to my final piece of writing and see the improvement. Also maybe post my first essay ever written in English class, compared to my final essay written would be cool too. Because they are both different essays, I could see how my style changed too. It’s interesting to see the corrections and differences between them. It would be fun if I could find my essays from high school. I was always a straight A student but my essays were horrible first time around. It would be quite something to analyze my work from high school to college. I have other English related classes such as poetry too, so it would be creative to put some of my poems in this ePorfolio and see what others think of it. Poetry is way out there because it’s what I feel and my opinions, so there might be some controversy over that. I don’t really know how to see ‘how good’ I did on a poem because what I learned in my poetry class is that there are no limitations. Poetry in college is much more different than in high school when all the poems had to rhyme or followed other standards. My poetry class now helps me believe that poems are written in a free verse.

I believe any and all students could provide comments and reviews for my eportfolio items. If I really included my poetry pieces, I would love it if some of my classmates would read and respond to it. Essays are long, so I’m not sure if that many people would want to comment it, but if they do, anyone is welcome. I could invite my poetry teacher to post reviews also because they are inspirations from his class. My English 1A or 1B teacher could comment too because they probably don’t remember my specific essay after reading so many others. I believe some teachers give more detailed comments while peers give more general ones. That is why it would be great if various people would comment on my ePortfolio so I could see what they range from. It’s good to get positive and negative responses from people of all ages. I wonder if I could comment on my own posts. I say that only because sometimes after I re-read my work, I have certain opinions on my own things. It helps me build my thoughts and criticisms I have for myself to improve my writing for my future classes. Reading comments from peers, teachers, and myself will certain motivate me to write more.

If I did follow up on my art ePortfolio, I probably would have used the Hyde Elementary Portfolio because they use art as an example. I love how you could put an art piece next to the analysis of my own work. It’s so colorful and attractive. It’s good to have it on the same page so you can reflect upon it. Since I’m not doing an art ePorfolio now, I would probably choose ‘Xanga.’ I’m not even sure if that’s allowed because it’s not under the 12 different ePortfolios, but I’m using that for my current blogs and I love it. It’s simple and easy to function with. People can easily comment on my work and read what I have to offer. I wouldn’t want to play and learn another ‘platform’ when I’m already familiar with this one. I can have my essays posted and below it, type out my own comparison and analysis on my work. At the end of each entry is the ‘comment’ button, just like it is on typepad so it is convenient to respond to my work. They have a place where you can create your layout and colors for the page to make it more fun and creative. I love feeling comfortable and at ease with stuff I use, so that is why I would choose Xanga as my ePortfolio platform.

Andrew Tan

[40 points] Research Question #1: A lot of the discussion we’ve had on ePortfolios has been its legitimate use in presenting yourself to achieve your scholastic or professional goals. With this in mind, I plan to create an ePortfolio that could very well be used for my foremost goal in life right now: transferring to a four-year university. [SCOTT: Great idea!] When you transfer, you don’t focus on a specific body of work or accomplishment, but you try to present yourself as a complete package related to a specific goal. For instance, from foothill, a lot of emphasis is placed on preparation for your major. The overall focus of my ePortfolio is going to be my accomplishments as they are geared towards my goal of transferring to UCLA as a Business Economics major. My major isn’t set in stone yet, so this might change. Maybe, once I’ve put down all my accomplishment and planned accomplishments in writing, I’ll find that I’m better suited for something else. But as of right now my plan is to make a transferring ePortfolio. Who knows? Maybe by the time I transfer they will take my ePortfolio into account along with the traditional application. I hope to give a better idea of who I am as a student, and where I plan to go than a paper application can hope to give.
Research Question #2: Like I said, I’m hoping to present a complete package. Where a transcript would just list the courses I’ve taken, I plan to list them and somehow show why. Also, I’d like to include specific examples of my skills in these areas such as essays from these classes I’m particularly proud of or projects I’ve done in them. I’m going to include my acadmic plan, putting all the classes I’ve been planning to take from the beginning to accomplish my goal, and putting a grade next to those classes that I’ve completed. This isn’t a transcript or application, so I plan to include things that wouldn’t traditionally be accepted in applications. An example: My dad started a small and struggling business, and as an immigrant, his difficulties with the language prevents him from effectively communicating with his clients. I’ve written a lot of correspondence for him to his employers and clientele, and I will include these business documents I’ve written up. [SCOTT: another great idea! ] I’d also like to put in a graphic or something depicting my progress as a student. I think this is particularly relevant, as I’ve heard universities like to see struggling students overcome their failures into academic success. [SCOTT: the idea of making this "visual" is excellent.] I am a great example of this trend, coming from a quarter with a D average in high school, to a disappointing GPA of 2.9, to straight A’s in the last few quarters of community college. The ePortfolio also provides space for all my related or unrelated extra curriculars, whereas a paper application has a small box where you just list them.
Research Question #3: This is a difficult question, as hopefully the people reviewing my ePortfolio will be from 4-year universities that I apply to. Because my focus in this portfolio is so narrow, I’d prefer not to leave my ePortfolio up to open inspection and criticism. Perhaps I could get a Foothill counselor to take a glance at it, but I doubt they’d offer too much as they are extraordinarily busy people [SCOTT: Mary Lou Heslett, the Honors Counselor, might be willing to help because they'll be incorporating ePortfolios into the Honors Institute in general next year...this would help her get ahead of the curve.] . As a collection of my accomplishments that relate to my transfer, I think my ePortfolio will be pretty thorough, and there’s not a lot of cause for extensive peer review. Of course, Dr. Scott and people in this seminar are welcome to it, but I feel that any criticism would only be constructive if it pertained to the organization or structure of my ePortfolio, rather than the content. I don’t have any other teachers who would be overly familiar with the concept of an ePortfolio enough to comment on how my ePortfolio is set up. I guess if I have to choose someone to view it, I’ll ask a counselor. I’ll probably be submitting this portfolio to relevant people, and won’t just leave it open online for public scrutiny. There’s just no benefit to that that I can see right now.
Research Question #4: As an academic portfolio, my ePortfolio doesn’t need way too many features. Maybe I’m also taking an easy way out, because I have no experience with putting up pictures/music/videos. I’d like my platform to be easily manipulated and aesthetically simple but appealing. Everything I can think of to put on there right now is going to be in text, in the future I’d like to add a video or at least pictures, but I just don’t possess the technology or technical know-how to accomplish these things at this stage in the game. I don’t really know enough platforms to make an informed decision, a lot of the ePortfolios I’ve explored don’t give you a link to create one for yourself. How can I access the Open Source portfolios for Foothill (is that just OSP?)? [SCOTT: basically, you sign up and follow their directions] I’m eyeing Mozilla Composer as of right now, because I’m a fan of Mozilla products. A a lot of ePortfolio software seems to be too open, like you could make a website out of them. I’m looking for something more structured, and simple to use for ePortfolio newcomers like me. I really can’t decide what’s best for me, and any suggestions would be welcome. If anyone’s having the same problems as I am, checkout: http://electronicportfolios.org/myportfolio/versions.html#18 for a comparison of all them, posted by Dr. Scott but I’m reposting it incase some of you missed it.

Michelle Ho Pui Man

[40 points] The overall focus of my ePortfoilio is my school life at Foothill College and that of my high school. Just like most of the students of the Honors Institute, my academic career is a dispensable [SCOTT: oops, do you mean "indispensable?] part of my ePortfolio because I have worked so hard all my life to attain academic success. However, my ePortfolio is not going to focus only on my academic career though it is a big part of my life. School is not just a place for me to obtain knowledge from textbooks, it is also the place for me attain my intellectual growth. From the experience of cooperating with schoolmates in class for projects or outside the classroom for organizing activities, I learn the skills of socialization and the ways to deal with different tasks and people. Therefore, I think that it is essential to include, in my future ePortfolio, the extracurricular activities that I have attended and what I have gained from them in order to let people know what kind of person I am. I choose to include materials from my high school career because I think that most of my personality was shaped when I was in high school. Being an officer of the student council in my high school, I was given the plenty of chances to plan and organize functions and activities for the school authority and my fellow schoolmates and the school authority. My leadership was nurtured in the process of organizing these activities. The experience of being a student council officer molds me from a timid little girl to a confident person. Although I do not have as many extracurricular activities at Foothill as I did back in my high school, the experience and activities at Foothill are also very important because they expose me to the American culture and help me enhance my language skills. As an international student, the American culture was totally unfamiliar to me at the very beginning. As I join more clubs and program and participate more in different activities outside the classroom, I get to know more about the local culture. Having more interactions with local students through participating in different programs also helps me to speak much more fluently in English.

Most important of all, I will put a goal statement up on my ePortfolio. For me, an ePortfolio is not just used for others to know me. It is also something for me to keep track of myself. I believe that every life needs a goal in order to be a meaningful one. Everyone should have a long-term goal and a short-term goal. Accomplishing the short-term goal is a step of approaching the long-term goal. However, we may sometimes go astray from the road to our destination owing to some temptation around us. Hence, the goal statement is an important reminder for me to work towards my goal. [SCOTT: great idea to include a "goals statement"] I will share with others my some of my academic writings done in English 1A and 1B. Besides academic essays, I will also put up some pieces of writing which I have done during my leisure time. I am not used to expressing my feeling verbally but I like to write to share with others my feelings and emotions. I will also post some interesting math problems on my ePortfolio. Some of my friends and I like to take and edit short video clips, and I will also put up one video clip which was produced by me and my friends. [SCOTT: sounds fascintating]

I think I will invite some people who know me well to review and leave comments for me in my ePortfolio. Sometimes, human beings are just too self-centered to spot our own weaknesses and to judge ourselves fairly. Therefore, objective opinions given by people around us are crucial for our improvements and success. Besides inviting my classmates and close friends to review my ePortfolio, I will invite Ms. Seligo, my instructor for English 1A and 1B, to leave comments for me. Being a Math major student, I will invite some instructor from the Math department such as Mr. Sawka and Mr. Seelbach to comment on my ePortfolio. I will also ask some of my high school teachers to review my work if possible. As I have done a number of tutoring jobs on-campus, I will also invite some of my regular tutees and my members at PASS THE TORCH program to comment on me as well. [SCOTT: using Torch as a place to get solid comments is an excellent thought!] I think I will also invite Dr. Lankford to comment my ePortfolio because I first got to know about ePorfolio by taking this class so I think he can tell me how well I have integrated what has been taught into my own ePortfolio.

As mentioned in research task #2, I think that “Pupil Pages” is a relatively well developed ePortfolio system. It is particularly good for students as the system is rather easy to manipulate. I really like that system so I guess I will probably use that system to build up my future ePortfolio although I have to pay for that.


[40 points] 1.After reading this assignment project and other classmates’ answers, I started to wonder what the main focus of my blog is. It seems that I do not have a main theme in it. I started to consider all the aspects and decided that my future ePortfolio will mainly focus on my art works and my experience in life, mostly outside of the classroom. [SCOTT: I think focusing on art is an exciting idea!] However, I think I am going to include some areas which my classes (both high school and college) have contributed to my experience. My major is Business but I decided to go for Art. The reason is that I love Art even I am studying Business. I wish to bring out what’s deep inside me through my ePortfolio in the future. My life is not merely about Business, but other aspects such as Art. [SCOTT: your eportfolio can itself be a form of art] I like others to know me not only through my academic studies and things I learn in the classroom, but to know me deeply through my experience and the Art works which come from different aspects of life. In this way, I can keep track of my performance in Art even I am not studying it. I can also know clearly the stages of my life. I can determine which stage I am and how should I perform to improve it. In the same sense, others who view my ePortfolio will find it interesting when reading my ePortfolio since it includes not only academic studies.

2.It seems that this research projects lightens up my idea of what should I include in my future ePortfolio which I have never thought of. I think I’ll include some papers which I have written. For example, I will put the paper which I am writing for my Dad’s business. I think it will be a good idea since the paper includes different areas in the business world. I will also put some writings about Arts. The writings will be inspirations and reflections from field trip and from others’ art works. For example, works from well known artists. Since I wish to put Art in the main focus, I will probably include some 3-D design and clips which allow others to view my works more conveniently. Also, I have already included some life experience of my own in my blog. For example, the pervious post about the inspiration from the movie Mona Lisa’s Smile. I related the movie to the ePortfolio. I think I would like to do more this kind of post in my future ePortfolio, relating outside sources to my life.

3.So far, all the comments in my blog are from Professor Scott. and one of the classmates in this class. It’s nice to get comments from others especially from professors. It is always true that getting comments and advice from others can profoundly affect or improve our ideas. We can always reflect on their comments and the comments push us to think and all dimensions. I think I would invite Dr. Davidson to view my future ePortfolio. He was my accounting instructor and helped me a lot with my academic studies. He has different views towards all aspects of life. It would be great if he can comment on my future ePortfolio. I would also invite professors in different subjects since different people have different views toward a particular subject. In this way, I can get different advice from them. Aside from professors, I think I will invite some famous artists to view my works. They are professional and thus I will be able to learn something great from them. It is also a good idea to invite classmates or co-workers to view my ePortfolio items. In this way, we can change ideas and improve our performance at the same time.

4.After all, I think I will continue using xanga for my future ePortfolio. I love the idea that xanga allows us to design our own layout and format. [SCOTT: using Xanga is fine but be sure to set up a new one] Also, I can choose the color I like and create my own background. Another important thing is that xanga gives me the opportunity to upload photos, which is very important for my theme of my future ePortfolio. Since I wish to include art works in my future ePortfolio, engines which allow uploading is extremely essential in creating my future ePortfolio. Although I think xanga is best for me at this moment, I am still finding ways to improve my own blog now. I am also looking for some platform which allows me to upload works like flash and illustrations.


[40 points]
Well, I have to start somewhere. So I will start with a short description of me as I am currently. That may have to be brought into present time form time to time. It may be fun to file the old descriptions in an archive somewhere.
I am looking for a way to have two kind of portfolios. One that is accessible to the public and one that is just f or me, my archive or vault or the place where I keep things. Right now all is scattered in my computer, my filing cabinet and a couple of old boxes.

First for the private sector. (I will tap into that for the public part of the portfolio.)

1. Homepage. A description of who I am currently with all the links to the various parts of my life, work, school, church, kids, travel, maybe friends.
There may be a short history, where I was born, where I grew up, a little background of my family and what I did as a kid and a teenager. There will be links to the part of school, of horses and of friends. I am also planning on having a photo gallery to illustrate and liven things up a bit. I may need to finally figure out how to scan in those old pictures.
Most important in my life right now are my kids. I would have a page for each of them with a short history, some photographs from when they were young and some of the things they are doing right now. My oldest son has his own website , the other probably will have one pretty soon. There will be links.
2.I would say work would be the next item to describe. Need to describe what we are doing, what I am doing, who I am working with and what their jobs are. An introduction of the horses will also be in order, I do have those pictures on my computer.
3.College is the easiest to describe. It is quite tangible and well documented what I have been doing. I have saved most of the work I have done so far on my computer so that is very easy to retrieve. Foothill college is one thing, the transfer to the next college quite another. I am not quite sure how to incorporate that.
4.Church is a bit harder. [SCOTT: actually, I think your church members might be a wonderful audience for your eportfolio--allowing them to see more "sides" of their pastor!] Mostly I write my sermons in bullets, not so much in nice essays. I could of course change that, but that is a long term thing. Maybe bullets are fine. There will be a description of what the church itself stands for and what I am doing officially. There will be a chapter of all the classes and courses I have taken and all the qualifications I have collected here. Then there is the aspect of what I am really doing, what my motivation is to be there. That will be interesting for me to describe my own spirituality. Quite an exercise to look forward to.
5.Travels. Each of them deserves their own page with pictures, stories, and motivation. For me it is important what the effect of each of the trips has had on my life. In Kenya I met my husband, In Egypt my life turned completely upside down, in Barcelona I started to focus my self on the future and college. I should really put Australia in there as well and England and maybe also the vacations we took with may family when I was a child to Italy and the former Yugoslavia.
6.The part of my marriage, the move to the US and the divorce have to be in there somehow, but I am not quite sure where to place them . That is interesting, In my mind I have not given it a final place yet. I am still working on that one. This whole exercise most definitely has some psychological aspects to it. How do I organize my life. There is no right or wrong answer, there is only insight in what I have categorized, or lack thereof, which is an answer as well. So this marriage part is a page that is still under construction. This is most definitely a private space, not for the general public. I gues it will be private until I have come to terms with it and am willing to share this. Maybe never.
7.Projects. This is what I am currently working on, what I like to be working on. This is the planning department, playing with ideas. This could be in the form of a blog in the first stages and when the project are a little more advanced and formed, posted for public viewing.

Now the next thing to figure out is what will be public and what is going to remain private and that will be a matter of selecting. I would even make two very separate e-portfolios, a public one and a private one. I can then tap into the private one to publish things on the public one. I am still not quite sure about how to construct this. But that should not get in the way of at least starting this construction process.

Robin Angell

[40 points] What will the overall focus of your Honors Institute e-portfolio be?

My focus will be on the classes I have taken so far at Foothill, which, up to this point, has been mostly math and science classes. In the event that I have trouble finding enough material from my math and science classes for an e-portfolio (the very thought of arranging my math/science knowledge into an e-portfolio format is tiring) I can always focus on my Spanish and interpersonal communications work. If possible I would like to include work form my English class that I took over the summer. I would also like to include a section on my volunteer work and my Girl Scout experience because they are both important components of my education. I might also want to include a general introduction to tell who I am and my philosophies about life and education.

After reading my last paragraph, I’ve realized that my “focus” is actually quite unfocused. Is it possible to have an e-portfolio without a focus? What if my focus was just my education in general? [SCOTT: that would work. What an ePortfolio focused on transfer criteria, for example?] Also, can a large portion of our work in the e-portfolio come from places that aren’t Foothill? [YES] I have been moving schools around a lot so if I want to include work from the last few years I would have to go back a few schools.

What specific items could/should be included?

For math I’m thinking of copying out some of the harder problems I’ve solved from a wide variety of concepts and putting them altogether in one section. [SCOTT: love this idea!] I may include sections from quizzes and test. I’m not sure how I feel about that as a concept right now though. For science (for me that would be chemistry) I would like to write up various concepts in my own words. Sometimes I think that if I could teach my past selves about various concepts in my own words, I would have learned a lot faster. For instance, I would really like to go back in time and tell myself about factoring. I think it would have made a lot more sense to me.

For Spanish I want to include my essay about Cub (it’s in Spanish) and maybe a letter that I wrote to my reading club kid’s parents in Spanish. It would be really cool to include a tape of myself speaking in Spanish, but I don’t think I’m quite that high tech (technology is NOT my friend).

As far as my work form Solano Community College, I want to include my research paper on childhood obesity for English and my paper on Raising Black Children for child development. I really liked working on both of those papers and I think both of them are interesting to read.[SCOTT: these sound fascinating!]

I would really like to include photos of myself doing volunteer work, but unfortunately I don’t really have any. Id o have a picture of myself in my Girl Scout uniform though, so if I can figure out how to put that on the computer I can include that in my volunteer work/Girl Scouting section. I should also probably write up a short summary of my volunteer work experiences and my Girl Scout experience.

Who could/should provide “comments” and “reviews” of your e-portfolio items?
I can think of tons of people who could provide comments and reviews on my e-portfolio items, although I’m not sure how many I could convince to actually do it. For math and science, I suppose I could give my teachers a hard copy of what I’m planning on posting in my e-portfolio and ask them if they could quickly check to make sure all my answers and explanation are correct.

I could e-mail my English teacher from Solano and ask her if she would like to post a comment about my essay or my e-portfolio content in general. My Child Development teacher would probably agree to post something as well.

I know I could get my Girl Scout leaders to post something for my Girl Scout section and possible I could convince my Gold Award Advisor to post something as well.

Of course, Scott Lankford should/could provide input.[AUTOMATIC!]

I think who should post are experts in the fields I’m including in my e-portfolio (pretty much any professor I’ve ever had) and who could post are professors I have found to be helpful and interested in students in the past.

Oh, and I’m forgetting one more group of people. Fellow Foothill students, my friends and peers, should also post comments because I value their opinions also.

Which specific “platform” or product do you think will work best for your e-portfolio and why?

For me, I think a simple typepad site will suffice. I don’t have the need for anything very high tech and if I remember correctly typepad allows you to post pictures. Most of the work I am planning on including is written. I’m not a sports player so I don’t need any video clips of myself shooting a basket. I also don’t play any musical instruments so I don’t need a sound recording of my music. Perhaps when I get closer to actually putting together my e-portfolio I will end up using a different forum, but as of now I am planning on using a typepad site.

Cassie D-A

[40 points] Research Question #1:
My Honors Institute ePortfolio will focus on my education. However, I don’t want my ePortfolio to just be about my classes and what I learn at Foothill; this ePortfolio will be my individualized education involving all of the activities that add to my knowledge and growth. This will include my classes at Foothill, what I’ve been learning in Girl Scouts (my Girl Scout Gold Award mainly, which I am learning a whole lot from), conferences and camps I attend that add to my knowledge, and anything else that strengthens my education. [SCOTT: sounds fascinating!]

My brother, Drew, wrote a reflective discussion about all the different parts of his education from high school to Foothill. He included all of the things he learned during his four years (which included high school for one year, some home-schooling, online classes, and eventually being a full-time student at Foothill). His reason and my reason as well, for creating this is because he had and I am still having this odd and different kind of education which doesn’t solely involve us going to high school from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM every day for four years. I want to create this ePortfolio so that when I apply to a four-year college, I will have something really neat and informative with everything I have learned and what I got out of all the experiences to show to potential colleges.

Additionally, a large part of my ePortfolio will focus on reflection. I will continually reflect on how all of the parts of my ePortfolio relate and connect with each other and how each activity adds to my learning experience.

Research Question #2:
In my ePotfolio, I will include many different items in many different forms! Over the past year, I have been collecting items offline to put in my ePortfolio. Since I chose a large topic for my ePortfolio, I want to be sure to choose items to go into my ePortfolio that really have added to my learning experience. Since I want this ePortfolio to be something I show to colleges and teachers, I don’t want it to be cluttered with all the quizzes and short papers I have written that have been required for a class but haven’t really added anything to me as a person. However, hopefully I won’t have many assignments that don’t add to my education!

So, with saying that, I will have a variety of diverse items but all of them will have added to my learning in some way. These items will likely include papers I have written, digital videos I have created for my digital video classes, and pictures from amazing trips that I have taken. Also, I will have various links to outside websites like my math blog I am working on right now and will hopefully continue throughout my education at Foothill. I will also have a link to my Girl Scout Gold Award blog, Tech Challenge blogs, and of course my short videos and my full documentary when I am finished with my project. Also, I will have links to podcasts I download like the French podcast I have started listening to. And I will definitely include a reading and watching list, which will include books I have read and movies, documentaries, and shorts I have watched that have added to my education. I’ll also have a list of four-year colleges I’m looking at. There will be a short review and reflection of each item added to these lists. And as I said in response to question #1, I will include reflections on each component and say how it has helped me learn something new. And of course, I will have my short essay about why I wanted to join the Honors Institute!

Another key part of my ePortfolio, will be the ‘FAQs’/blogalog section.[SCOTT: that's a fine idea!] I will have others comment and ask me questions that they have for me or I can even ask myself questions to answer and reflect on! Maybe someone will ask why I left high school, or why I liked a certain book or movie. Or another person will ask how many states I’ve been to (thirty-six at the moment). Hopefully, this will be an interesting part of my ePortfolio and should be a great way of bringing others into my personal ePortfolio.

Research Question #3:
I’d like to invite many different people to comment and ask me questions in my ePortfolio. I feel like even though this will be my personal ePortfolio, my education includes so many other people who should be included in my journey. I would ask Dr. Herman Ohme, who is the person who initially helped my brother figure out how to successfully continue his education after leaving high school and is now helping me with my education, to contribute to my ePortfolio by looking at all of the items I’ve added. I’d also ask my Foothill counselors, Kris Samarov and Marylou Heslet, to contribute comments, questions, and reviews of my items. In addition, I will ask the professors I have gotten to know at Foothill as well as past teachers in middle school because I feel like they have and will continue to contribute in obvious and not so obvious ways to my education. Some of the teachers and professors I will ask are Brian Lewis, Frank Cascarano, Kristin Tripp Caldwell, and Patrick Morriss. I’ll also include some of my teachers in middle school like Michael Thompson at Keys School. Not only will I ask people who have contributed to my education in school but I will also ask my Girl Scout advisors, people I have worked with in various organizations (like Youth Philanthropy Worldwide, look on my blog for more information about them), and people I have met through classes, camps, and conferences since I think it would be interesting to not only get advice and comments from my mentors, but also from my peers. In Girl Scouts, I will ask my Girl Scout Gold Award advisor, Ingrid Voss, and also a Girl Scout mentor of mine, Marla Howard. I plan on also asking Nicole Sanchez and Maria Porter at Youth Philanthropy Worldwide for their advice, comments, and questions. As my peers, I will ask students in the two clubs I am a part of at Foothill, S.A.R.A (Student Association of Raising Awareness of the Social Issues in Africa, wow long name!) and the Foothill Video and Music Club, and I’ll ask various other classmates in my classes and definitely many in this seminar! And I’ll definitely want feedback, advice, comments, and questions from you, Scott.

I plan on asking all of my mentors and peers to ask me questions in my FAQs/blogalog, provide comments and advice, and review the items I have put in my ePortfolio.

Research Question #4:
If I had my choice, I would prefer to use the futuristic Lifetime Personal Web Space (LPWS) for my ePortfolio, but the obvious reason why I cannot use this one is because it doesn’t exist yet! So, I have chosen to use the Open Source Portfolio System, which looks excellent as well for what I want to do. My reasons for wanting to use the Open Source Portfolio System are that if this system is selected for use for future Foothill students I feel like it’s easier to start working on my ePortfolio in a system that I will use in the future. Additionally, I feel like the OSPS looks like a pretty open system that I could play around with. I took the guided tour and explored the system by logging in as one of their test model students and I found many tools that I would enjoy using. If there isn’t a way to include an item in my ePortfolio using this system, I’m able to link to an outside website and provide reflection in my ePortfolio. I think I will link to outside websites frequently because I may want to point viewers to the place they can get my documentary instead of having a very large Quicktime file in my ePortfolio. From exploring in the set up fake model students’ ePortfolios in this system, I believe that the OSPS is a good fit for what I want to do with my ePortfolio.

Ka Ho Lee

[40 points] 1. My overall focus of my honor institute eprortfolio would probably be concentrate on my educational path, especially the change from high school to a U.S. College which mean foothill. The reason I choose to write my ePortfolio on this topic is because I think that there is a big change from being a high school student to a college student but also the style of the teaching. [SCOTT: how interesting....focusing on "teaching" as well as "learning" is a great idea] Also, I think that my study altitude has definitely changed after I came to U.S.A. to study. In Hong Kong I am the kind of student which never revises or even concentrate in class. But after I came to U.S.A., I figure out I could not keep being like that. Since I knew that my first language is not English, so I spend twice or even more time on each subject in order to understand it or even get a good result on that subject also I need to be concentrate in class in order to understand what the teacher teaching since obviously every teachers in the campus is using English to teach. So I would think that the most important issue after I came to U.S.A. Furthermore, the reason why I don’t write my Honors Institute ePortfolio on my extracurricular activities is because I have not join much club or even student government. May be because I spend too much time on each subject so usually what I do is I will go back home right after class. Although I know this is not a good habit. But that’s the way I do, so if I need to make my eprofolio, all I could write would definitely be about my educational path.
2. First of all I would write an introduction which about the reason I set up this eprofolio and why I choose this topic. Since I think if I think everyone who come to my eprofolio would like to know the reason I set it up. Afterwards I would include some video clip which I record in Hong Kong during my lesson in high school, although right now I still have not got confidence that I could find it but I would try my best to find it out because not everyone who visit my eprofolio know the teachings style in Hong Kong, if the would watch a video clip before the read my essay about the problem I face after I came to U.S.A. to study. It would definitely help them to know more and feel more. I think people would be happier to see an eprofolio which included visual aids and words than just words. Then I would post my transcript in my eprofolio compared to the one in foothill which can shows the improvement after I came to U.S.A. I think transcript is the most effective sources which show an improvement of a student. Afterwards, I think I would write several paragraph about the feeling about I came to U.S.A. to study and also try to list out the reason why I have such an improvement. I don’t know would that help anyone but at least learn something instead of just reading my journey.
3. In my “comments" and "reviews" of my eprofolio I would definitely invite you Mr. Lankford to leave command for me, since you are the one who grade me. Secondly, I would invite 3 professors, one is my economics professor, Jay Paytk, because I have taken 3 of his economics class so I think he is the one who know the best of my study altitude and improvement during my one and a half year in foothill. Also I would like to invite all 3 of my English teacher, because in an eprofolio it include so many essay, so I think they could give me some useful command and also tell me have I got any improve in my writing. Thirdly I would include every teacher who teaches me in my high school in Hong Kong. There is several reason why I would like to invite the, first I would like them to give some feedback on the eprofolio about the part that I write about the study style and my altitude in Hong Kong: second I would like them to know that I have an improvement in foothill, then I think at least that could bring some kind of comfort for them because I know some of them were really worried about me after they knew that I need to come to U.S.A. to study. Finally, I would invite all my friends to leave command for me no matter where they are in Hong Kong or U.S.A. Because they are the one who help me a lot and also stand by me when I face any problem. So I really want them to know what I was thinking in this one and a half year, especially when I first arrival U.S.A.
4. Actually I could not choose which systems to use since there is thousands kind of way to make my own eprofolio. But so far I think I would plan to use xanga for my own eprofolio. As you can see I am using that to hand in my personal blog, so I am familiar to every function that got in this product. I figure out I would need a tools which could let me upload video clips and also probably pictures. And as I know is really easy to upload picture in xanga and even video clips. Furthermore since I have used xnaga for a long time so I have joined the premium plan which let me use more function in this website. And also I like command function in xnaga, as I said in Week 2: ePortfolio SciFi Scene, I think leaving command is the most powerful function for an eprofolio. And xanga can sure help me cause whenever who come to my xanga to leave a command, it would automatic send me and email and tell me so I can read it as sson as possible and improve my own eprofolio so xanga would definitely be my first choice.

Anna Flink

[40 points] For me it’s important to have different interests and passions in life. As a biology/pre-med major, that field is a great passion in my life. But studying to become a doctor doesn’t keep me from having other passions and interests. Instead, my passion for photography, travelling, horses, and my interests in constantly meeting new people, among others, contributes to keeping me motivated to proceed on the path towards my goal. On other words, practising photography, being one of my big passions, is a great inspiration to me. Therefore I’d like to focus my eportfolio on my work and development within photography. [SCOTT: sounds fascinating!] My interest for photography started during High School and as I took some beginning classes this interest slowly grew to become a great passion for me. Looking back at my work from the very first photo classes I took and comparing them to my more resent work makes me realize how much I’ve learnt since then. The different photos from different periods in my life also represent my personality and how it’s changed during this time. It should be fairly “easy” to create an eportfolio with photography in focus. Another option might be to focus on my passion for travelling, or maybe to create the eportfolio with a combined focus on photography and travelling.

My eportfolio would definitely consist of a great deal of photographs that I’ve taken, but also work done by other photographers that have inspired me during these years of photographical development. I think I’d create a minor section with photographs that have inspired me together with explanations in what way they have inspired me. Off course the main part of the portfolio would consist of my own work divided into different sections. I would probably divide my work into sections based on the classes I’ve taken and also with work I’ve done outside of class in between different photography classes. The issue here is that all my work done in High School is in Sweden, but hopefully I could solve that by having somebody scan it for me. Together with the work I chose to show from each class I’ve taken I’ll write comments around each photograph or section discussing the photos compared with each other, what I like about them, what could be made better, where my inspiration came from when creating the photo etc. Some obvious photographs or group of photographs I know I’ll want included is my final portfolio in my Photo 2 class, some favourite photos form my Photo 1 class, as well as favourites from my photo 6 class, my portraiture workshop class, my very first photo class, and some favourites from my special project last year in High School where I picked some favourite poems and made them into photos based on my interpretations of them. Maybe I’ll also try to do some kind of slide show to present my overall photographic development.

My first choice of professor to review and comment on my eportfolio is Kate Jordahl who was my photography professor is most of my photo classes here at Foothill. Having her as a professor was a great experience and her passion for photography really made me inspired. She is also great at reviewing and giving comments about things concerning photography. The weekly critique meetings we had in her classes were one of the main sources to my development in photography. Another person I’ll ask to review my eportfolio is my friend who is great with webdesign. He came with many useful ideas when I created my webpage and I’m sure he’d have a lot of suggestions for how to make my eportfolio better and easier to view. He’s also very good at judging if there’s enough/too much information fulfilling the purpose. I think I will also ask my mum and my dad to look through it because if they (especially my mum) can get through it easily I know I’ve got a good structure on the site.

When I looked for possible eportfolio platforms I looked for the kind that would allow my eportfolio to look simple, but at the same time interesting. One of the possible options I think would be good for me is the Mozzilla Composer ePortfolio that Dr. Helen C. Barret mentioned in her text “My ’Online Portfolio Adventure’.” It doesn’t seem as if this platform puts any ads on the eportfolios created which allows the viewers to stay more focused on the actual eportfolio. This platform also seem to allow the simple structure I’m looking for to have on my eportfolio. The reason I want a simple structure is first of all to make it easier for the viewers, but also because it allows the viewers to see the photographs I’ll present, instead of getting distracted because of ads, and other distracting details. At the same time, this platform allows certain more complicated features such as videos, which is something I consider using to ad some excitement to my eportfolio. The Mozzilla Composer platform also seem to be an easy to use platform that doesn’t require too much computer/internet knowledge, something good in my case since I often get lost on the computer world.

Michelle Grannum

[40 points] Q1. The overall focus of my e-portfolio will be very broad and will cover everything I have achieved at Foothill College so far. I think the most significant things I have done at Foothill include being a member of the honor’s institute and my position as a leader in the “Pass the Torch” program. [SCOTT: great idea to include Pass the Torch in your eportfolio program!] Being a member of the honor’s institute indicates to readers that I am a motivated, hard working student who enjoys a challenge. As a leader in the “Pass the torch” program I had the opportunity to help other students with something I am good at, English. I also found that as I tutored my peers I learned more about creative writing and critical thinking. I don’t think I will dedicate a lot of time and space to my high school career but I will mention that I graduated in 2000 from Benoni High School in South Africa.

My major is Business Administration and Accounting. My work as a junior manager at a pizza place and then as manager at a video store is relevant to my major, so I will definitely mention that work experience. I would also like to include something about my interests and hobbies outside of school, in order to show the reader of my e-portfolio that I am well rounded and have a life outside school.

Q2. As for the content of my e-portfolio, I think I am going to be very broad and try to include samples of work from as many different areas as possible. As a business and accounting major I have done a few projects focused on financially reviewing companies and then giving my advice whether or not people should invest in the company. I would definitely like to include some of those. I will also have samples of some of my best essays, but not just from English classes. I will include writing that I have done in my economics, business and history classes as well. I have made a number of quilts, as a hobby outside of school, which I would like to show pictures of. I also have a picture from last year when I was awarded a scholarship by the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce which I would use in my e-portfolio. I have a great letter of recommendation from my accounting teacher which I would like to include too.

I would really like to have some technical things, such as video and audio clips, but I really have no idea how I would go about putting those into my e-portfolio. I really am rather clueless when it comes to the technical side of things.

Q3. I think the teacher who really I look up to and who I have probably learned the most from at Foothill College is Dr. Sid Davidson in the accounting department. Dr. Davidson wrote a fantastic letter of recommendation for me which helped me with my scholarship application. Once I complete my e-portfolio I would like Dr. Davidson to take a look at it and give me a review as I will probably be using my e-portfolio to apply for jobs in the near future. I have a number of friends who currently work in the accounting field and I think it would be helpful for them to review my e-portfolio and guide me on what needs to be improved in order to use it when applying for jobs as they know what the big companies are looking for. I would ask my boyfriend to review my e-portfolio with a focus on the technical aspect, he is really good with all things technical and computer related. I think he could give me valuable advise about how to add technical things to my e-portfolio while still keeping it user friendly. E-portfolio’s are a relatively new thing and not that many people know about them yet, so I think the reviews I would receive from Dr. Lankford and my classmates would be especially helpful because of their knowledge of e-portfolio’s.

Q4. I think in a very linear way and would like my e-portfolio to be organized and easy to navigate while still looking appealing. I need the e-portfolio platform that I use to be very simple and easy to set up and maintain because as I have already mentioned, I really don’t get the technical stuff. The best site that I came across in my research for project #2 was the Epsilen site but I still found it rather bland and was not very impressed by it. I have not seen the open source portfolio system which has been designated for use by Foothill students and don’t know if it is any good or if it will fit my needs. At this point though I think it is what I will be using as I have not found any better options.

Shawn Saxena

[40 points] 1. While I’m proud of my academic achievements at Foothill College I think I will concentrate my E-Portfolio on my extracurricular activities. In particular I want to focus on the community service that I have done. [SCOTT: this is a great idea, Shawn!] I was raised to be thankful for what I am fortunate to have and to understand that I have a responsibility to help those who weren’t as fortunate. While I enjoy the sensation one gets from helping other people, I can’t say that my actions are completely selfless. With every program I have ever worked with I believe that I have gained as much if not more than I have contributed. With each project I believe that it is evident what the motivations are to participate and it reflects with some clarity my qualities. E- portfolios should highlight your various interests and your overall character. The different organizations I have worked with display my interests and distinguish the different aspects of my personality. While I am proud of my accomplishments with volunteering, I’m a little apprehensive that because my immediate purpose is to gain admission to a four-year institution I should have a scholastic backbone to for my E-portfolio. With that said I will have to try to integrate my academic and non-academic pursuits with what I feel to be the best-suited proportions.

2. I have a collection of documentation for my accomplishments with volunteering that I plan to use for my E-portfolio. Since I was six until present, (14 years), I have been a part of the Urban Ministry program with the Palo Alto Trinity branch. This program is dedicated to provide meals for homeless and low-income families. For my work with this program I received a humanitarian award through Trinity. I also am involved with Amigos de las Americas and I volunteered for 2 months in a rural village in Oaxaca, Mexico. For the work I did with Amigos I received the Presidents Community Service Award. Recently I was given the Project Cornerstone Award. This award was given to me for volunteering with a group called UNIDOS. UNIDOS provides bilingual tutoring, (Spanish/English), to Castro Elementary Students. Because I need to have a well-rounded portfolio I obviously want to include other aspects of my life. Of course I plan to post my Ed-plan with my transcript. But I think it would be useful for me to have several examples of work that I have done from different courses. For example I would like to use some of my better writing from my English courses and I would also want to use a research paper from one of the Science classes I have taken.
3. Because I’m using my E-portfolio as an important tool for my future I think it necessary to be meticulously particular in whom I receive feed back from. I am more concerned with the presentation of my E-portfolio and less with what it contains. I figure that my accomplishments will be included with the discretion that I feel will best obtain my desired results. By this I mean that only I know what exactly what I want to get out of my E-portfolio so only I will know what I think will best represent this. The commentary and advice I would want to receive and that I feel I would benefit most from would pertain to the overall format of my E-portfolio. Someone who reviews a lot of applications or resumes and of course someone familiar with E-portfolios would be best suited to review my E-portfolio. I would hope to get commentary from Dr. Scott Lankford and any of the students in this seminar. Also, I would ask my father to look over my portfolio because he deals a lot with hiring and I think he would have some beneficial constructive criticism.
4. The problem with a lot of the ePortfolio platforms I discovered was that they lacked a certain aspect in organization or format. Some gave too many options, others didn’t give enough. A lot of them were set up so that the were “too open”. You could put anything and everything that you wanted without restriction. The kind of eportfolio I would want would be one that is setup with a professional format that lets you display the necessary information you want, without turning it into something similar to a “myspace” account. A place to share about yourself and your personal interests isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, for my purposes, something more formal would fit a lot better. Unfortunately, I’m not very “tech-savvy”, so I’m looking for something straightforward and relatively easy to use. The visual format is not as important as is the way the ePortfolio itself has been set up. It should be easy to access the information that they need to have.


[Too late for credit?] My overall focus of my Eportfolio will be " My Academic Accomplishments in English at Foothill College". The reason I pick English rather than any other subjects is that I am really interested in English. I even plan on pursuing a minor degree in English. ( But it is so tough). I took a lot of Engish classes at Foothill College so my records will be more feasible. Another reason is that I have noted that my Enlighsh proficiency has improved a lot after I came to America. I am not boasting that I am now perfect in English or anything, but I have made a progress in my English learning, at least from zero to one. I would like to share how my process of English learning with you all, and since this is an English class, why not English?
To mark the beginning of my eportfolio, I would start by giving a introduction of myself and how I am heading in the English field.
I live in Hong Kong, and I learnt English when I was 6 years old. Yet, learning a second language in a English as an Second Language city is tough. It is far from native English. There are too many more to learn, to many more different and unknown knowledge that I fail to learn in Hong Kong.
When I come to America, I have a hard time struggling in ENligsh, even today. I have had a lot of ESL problems that none of the native people here have. I am a lot less competitive than they are. I even cried so many times for not catching up with them.
Now, i am going to show you my writing in high school, then in the first quarter i came to America, and then the most recent essay that I've written.

Christina Cagle

[10 points. Can't wait to see your artwork!]
Question #1
Art has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. Realizing that I had a talent, my parents began to save all of my best paintings and drawings since I began school. Needless to say I have a rather large portfolio of my best work up until now, showcasing the days when I was in kindergarten, to the days when I was taking advanced art classes through high school.
And although I want to focus on art, I would want to also show some of my creative writing ability, which often comes in hand with animation. So I might have a subsection of short stories I have written, and maybe a few of my finest academic essays.
I don’t think that I would include much of my personal life in my Eportfolio for simple reasons that business and pleasure don’t mix. I would want any one who reviews my Eportfolio to make judgments upon my work, and my work only.
I would include work from all parts of my life, because art does not discriminate. I probably will not include much of my elementary work, but include it rather for an individual touch. Much of the work I will showcase will be from my days in higher level art courses, as well as the work I have completed on my personal time.
Question #2
I want my Eportfolio to look as personal and as unique as possible. I will include my masterpiece assignment from my senior year of high school, which I consider one of my best pieces. Although I might run into some technical difficulties at this point, for the simple fact that some of my pieces are rather large. Finding a big enough scanner to upload my work may be an issue. I would also be sure to include the California state landscape-painting award I won in 2005. Unfortunately, my painting is a permanent fixture in the Sequoia Union High School district building in Redwood Shores, but I do have the certificate I was awarded with.
I might also ask for pervious art teachers of mine to submit a small statement, characterizing me as an artist.
In the future I hope to work with digital animation programs, and dabble in graphic design. This is where I would try to incorporate high tech aspects of my Eportfolio.
Question #3
I would ask for statements from pervious teachers as I had stated in question two. I had two art teachers in which I took art classes for several years and in turn became very close with. These teachers knew my talents, abilities, and potential and were constantly inspiring me to become the artist I was. I would definitely ask these people to submit statements for my Eprotfolio.
I would avoid asking friends or family to put personal statements on my Eportfolio because I would want I to look as professional as possible. I want to convey an unbiased message of my artist abilities, not my mom telling about my great finger paintings in first grade.
And to provide a review of someone other than art, I would ask Dr. Feig participate in the production of my Eportfolio because she has been one of the most inspiring teachers of my academic career.
Question #4
Since my portfolio is art based and will need to showcase many pictures of my artwork, I would opt for a platform outside of the traditional text based portfolios. And maybe if I can create a template that is simple to showing art work as well as a subsection of writings other may use it as a template to follow. I may even choose a standard blog format to display my work, but I would want to avoid looking primitive or unprofessional. I wouldn’t want it to look like a bog, I would want it to look like a professional showcase of an artists work.

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